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September 10, 2007


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Me again..Beautiful roses Kat. I so love roses, they are my all-time favorite flowers. Now that we have gone into spring here now. I am so enjoying the sights and the smells everywhere I go. Here Jasmine, lavender, azalea's are all very popular, but we get so many flowers...something we don't get here is bluebells. I know that in England from my friend Emma, who lives there, you get bluebell woods, which is amazing and so beautiful. I would love to see that for myself one day. I too, like you, enjoy the simple and beautiful things in life. To me, I gain the such joy from simple things and I love gardening, plants, flowers. I have an affinity for the english cottage garden look and have yet to plant some roses. I must though....I have started to work hard in my garden now again for the next couple of months.
I love your collage piece..the wording is very pretty too. I must say I find being creative in that way very theraputic and a way to come to terms with how I am feeling at that time. When I lost my gran earlier this year, who I was very close to, I found it helped a lot to do a memory collage of her and whilst I cried the whole time while making it, It helped me in my process of grieving. I would imagine it to the same for numerous conditions of the heart and mind! Happy creating Kat..go on spreading your joy.

Love those roses, Kat! Can almost smell them *SIGH* Your are right, there is something extra special about D. Austin roses--they are so superior. Your collage/artwork is wonderful--very powerful and speaks volumes. Having once been very unwell and lost in body & spirit, I understand how necessary & theraputic art & creating can be. Enjoy the fluttering of your wings--maybe they take you to great places! ((HUGS))

Oh what beautiful roses!
My next door neighbour is mad about roses and I know that David Austin's are one of her favourites. The colour is just perfect and the intricate petal formation - isn't nature wonderful. Your collage is very special.


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