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March 29, 2008


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Happy One Year, Kat! It's been wonderful journeying along with you this first year...looking forward to many more. It was lovely to read back on your first post. And what a generous, fun gift--those butterflies are gorgeous! Hope it won't be long before real butterflies are flying in our gardens! Just back from our trip to the USA--we're needing the weekend to get over the jet lag--LOL! Oh, did you get the package I sent? Happy weekend celebrating your blogiversary! ((BIG HUGS))

Just called into say Hi and have a look at your blog. I cannot remember how I came across you...but what a great post and those Butterflies are gorgeous.

Lots of other people use a Random Number Picker that you can find through the web...just a thought.

Happy 1st anniversay. I enjoy your blog. We must follow you around the north east. We have been to Hexham today, another grey day. There were two adorable bunnies in Rainbow pets, did you see them?

Yes, Happy First Anniversary Kat. I thoroughly enjoy reading your thoughtful, sensitively written blog and love your photos. Heres to many more blog entries to come. The butterflies are beautiful by the way and very appropriate for you. Love Jackie Mxx

Hello Kat, happy anniversary! As one of the first blogs I came across, yours is very special to me. Here's to many more of your beautiful posts. Have a special day - next time I see a butterfly (hopefully soon), I will think of you.

Congratulations on your one year blogging anniversary Kat! Mine is coming up in May and like you the past year has been wonderful making new friends across the miles on the web. I have just added another blog to my favourites which you might enjoy too as I know how much you love bunnies it's called rachaelrabbit (link on my blogsite) Keep writing your sensitive and thought provoking posts. I really enjoy reading them.
Hazel xx

Congratulations Kat! I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you one of my favourite poems which always reminds me of your blog. It is called 'Roe-Deer' by Ted Hughes:

In the dawn-dirty light, in the biggest snow of the year
Two blue-dark deer stood in the road alerted.

They had happened into my dimension
The moment I was arriving just there.

They planted their two or three years of secret deerhood
Clear on my snow-screen vision of the abnormal

And hesitated in the all-way disintegration
And stared at me. And for some lasting seconds

I could think the deer were waiting for me
To remember a password or a sign

That the curtain had blown aside for a moment
And there where the trees were no longer trees, nor the road a road

The deer had come for me.

They ducked through the hedge, and upright they rode their legs
Away downhill over a snow-lonely field

Towards tree dark - finally
Seeming to eddy and glide and fly away up

Into the boil of big flakes,
The snow took them and soon their nearby hoofprints as well

Revising its dawn inspiration
Back to the ordinary.

Throughout the poem the reader is immersed in the narrators fantastical ecounter with two dears. The encounter will only have lasted a second or two yet Hughes manages to savour every tiny detail and communicate the encounter in an utterly entrancing and magical fashion. This is where i am reminded of your blog, it, too, is utterly magical.

Here's looking forward to another year of wonderful and sparkling surprises and posts!
Emma xx

Congrats Kat! One year old today. I do love reading your blog, a fantastic snippit of the North East, and little chink of light to me down here in London, just love your photographs.

Hello dear Kat
Happy 1st Blog Birthday... you have brought a lot of happiness and beauty to the blog world and it has been such a pleasure to meet you too...

From a fellow blogger and friend..
P.s Thank you so so much for your thoughtful gift.. I am emailing you!

hi Kat , i always enjoy reading your blog and reading your determination to take joy in the things in life, it is an inspiration, happy blogging!

love rachel xxx

Hi Kat!
Happy 1st birthday! :-)
The butterflies are lovely!
Take care,

Happy 1st Anniversary Kat! Thank you for sharing your thoughtful writings and lovely photos with us! The butterfly garland is beautiful!

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