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March 04, 2008


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Kat, what a lovely photo! When I look at it, I see life--your smile, your eyes--I can really see a life lived in them! What a great idea!

first of all.. so happy to see you join the spc group. it is a commitment but one that isn't too hard to keep and such a growing experience..
Such a beautiful photo you have posted..

Thank you so much for your kind words.. I really needed to read them.. thankyou.. so much.

I think your soul is shining beautifully in this photo, Kat--just gorgeous. Your feeling better really shows in your eyes! Looking forward to what you'll do with this photo challenge. I really like the idea of it...but not sure I have the time for it right now. Very interesting project though. Thanks for sharing about it. Hope you are well ((BIG HUGS))

kat, you are just radiant. you are one of the most beautiful women...inside and out. truly indeed.

i love what you have said here. i am off to visit this lovely universe of hers and enjoy her photos and be inspired....

i have not one, but 2 awards for you my dearest friend...come by any time to see them!

i love you!!!!


What a beautiful photo of you, From reading your blog you are beautiful inside as well. Have great day.

Hi Kat,
What a lovely post and picture too. I'll check out the challenge website in a bit. I really enjoyed reading your words about Grace, I've been thinking about that a lot of late. Of having grace, living life from moment to moment with inner grace. Thank you for sharing your thoughts - they echoed the same feelings that I've been having for a while now.
Lots of Love,

Hi Kat, beautiful words to go with a beautiful photograph. Keep on shining xx

Go for it Kat!
You are beautiful inside and out and you write such heartfelt words of experience, wisdom and courage.
Hazel xx

Hi Kat
It's been a while! We were away, then had visitors and had some issues, and also have been without internet for a few weeks, only got it back today-thank goodness! I am catching up on your blog. Love that photo of you-you really look ethereal and a lot like Celine Dion!! Beautiful photo and post! love Bonnie

hello! I'm brand new to your blog and I must say it's so refreshing..peaceful...beautiful. your photo is angelic. please continue to be great. :)

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