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May 13, 2008


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Your thoughts are inspiring & I am glad you are where you are seem to be in a very good place =)
{Love butterflies}

Live every moment however your heart desires, if it’s hanging upside down on a tree branch or swing under that tree. Enjoy!!!

Hi Kat,
I loved...well love singing too. The new stuff for the shop looks beautiful and also your new business card. I love Belle&Boo too, the images are childlike and wistful, they really resonate with me.

Such a lovely photo of you on that swing Kat! And one is never too "young" to do things like that! You are only as young as you feel and act! I really believe that society in general puts too much emphasis on the proper decorum and way that adults should act, so much so, that we often don't get to have fun because of that. I swing, i go on see-saw's, I take my shoes off and get on the jumping castle with my kids! I am the first one to have some fun and get a chance to relive my childhood often! So it should be!
Enjoy life! Live in the moment, like you say! One day we will all be old and brittle and then not be able to do things like this! You go girl!! Bonnie

You look sooo happy on the swing! Your approach to life very much resonates with my own--Seize the day, it is the only one we have, right now! Glad to see you enjoying so much. And such fun to see your revamped shop--it looks terrific, and so do all your lovely new offerings--fantastic work, Kat! And the new shop banner is a beauty too. Happy weekend savouring the JOY ((HUGS))

I totally agree, live life to the full. The notebooks are gorgeous. Have a great weekend x

that is such a lovely photo of you Kat on the swing, everything looks so green and alive, you have made me want to go swing m x

Hi Kat,
I am so happy for you! Life is to be enjoyed without worrying what other people think. You look beautiful and carefree on your swing, the Bella and Boo artwork is adorable (as always) and your re-vamped shop looks great!
Hazel x

what a beautiful entry! Your soul is so beautiful, thanks for reminding ME of what true beauty and living are. :)

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