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September 28, 2008


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A very beautiful post, Kat...full of insights and perspective...Trusting the flow of life can be liberating. To know that there is a season, a time for everything is comforting, I think. Take a step back can be empowering..action for a great good for ourselves or others. Time to act. Time to drop low...everything has purpose. And being one with nature can reinforce and helps reconnect with those sensations of being one with something greater than ourselves...and trusting in our purpose. :o) So glad you had wonderful outing...that bend in the river is beautiful! Happy Days ((HUGS))

Wise words indeed. I've been feeling really down for the past two months after a period of being really happy- as you say taking a step back can be the best thing rather than jumping straight back in and trying to refind that happy place!
The river looks great-where is that? So unlike the bit of the Tyne I see on the metro to work each morning! x

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