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October 24, 2008


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Thank you for sharing this post - your blog is delightful!

Hi Kathryn! I've come over from Holly's blog and I'm so glad I did. What a beautiful corner of blogland you have created here.

I've actually been thinking along these same lines lately... though you've put everything into words in a far more adept manner than I'm sure I can.

Honestly, my blog is a huge part of my life... not just the blogging part... but the community behind it. I started my blog when I was going through a deep depression that I nearly didn't make it out of. As my blog grew it became a place for me to rely upon, and to share what little bits of beauty I was able to see during that time of my life. Each comment left to me by a reader warmed my heart so much... and now after all this time (and thankfully {mostly} depression free) I am still so incredibly blessed and moved by my readers and this incredible blogging community.

If it were all to disappear tomorrow I would genuinely feel a huge loss in my life! I've made so many friends through blogging and I really feel that this is the irreplaceable gift of blogging!

Thanks for asking this compelling question and allowing me to share a tiny little bit about what blogging means to me!

Your blog is BEAUTIFUL! I have added it to my favourites after my first visit because I don´t want to miss any of your future posts! :) I have recently started blogging (, and I must say I have found so may inspiring people and lovely ideas in the blogs I visit. It´s an amazing community! Thanks for sharing! B

Hi Kathryn! Holly sent me over. This post of yours resonates with me. I started my blog after a redundancy that knocked the wind out of my sales. I'd always been creative and then ended up working for 7 years in IT/management. My blog helped me reconnect with my inner designer, but also with all these fabulous, creative, caring and giving people out there. I'm a bit shy, so connecting via blog posts is easy. Your comment about wondering if your blog posts will be of interest to anyone else - Its exactly how I have been feeling lately. I've had my blog for about 16 months and I'm wondering if I've run out of things to say? I'm at work now, but I'm gonna come back and get to know you via your blog.

Hi Kathryn: another traveler over from Decor8. I also work from home and at times, it can get very lonely. But just when I think of jumping back into corporate life, I remember the luxuries I have, of owning my company and working by myself. I started two blogs, one about random thoughts and the other about my sister, whom I am very close to, who is an aid worker in Darfur. I miss her terribly and also fear for her safety. Every time I hear news about Sudan, Darfur or basically anywhere near there, my heart skips a beat. Just writing about her on my blog and posting beautiful photos calms me and reminds me of the precious things in life.
When I first starting blogging, I didn't know if anyone would read them. It felt weird wondering, I emailed Ez from Creature Comforts, to ask for her advice and she sent the most beautiful email back.
So thats why I blog and I have obviously continued. I'll be dropping by again.

Hi Kathryn, Holly sent me as well! I can tell just by looking at your music list, we'd hit it off. I also started blogging (my original blog - Lifeflix) when I was going through a rough patch in my life. I quit the corporate world and left a life that was comfortable and stable and traded it in for the unknown. Having a place where I can think out loud was such a life saver for me, it forced me to evolve and try new things. Having a supportive audience was so helpful in the early months, when I sometimes felt like I just made the biggest mistake of my life. Like Ez, I can't imagine life without my blogs. So much good has come out of it - I've met so many people, lovely lovely women all looking out for each other (so different from the corporate world that I was used to!)

So I just wanted to say hello, introduce myself and say thank you for posting such a heartfelt post.

:) Marichelle

Hi there, this is the first time I've visited your blog. I know I will be back! This line you wrote really connected with me. "...those words typed to us and us alone, are priceless." I feel that this is so very true. It's wonderful and makes all the difference sometimes.

And p.s. I love England and so hope to visit someday! =)

Hi there, this is the first time I've visited your blog. I know I will be back! This line you wrote really connected with me. "...those words typed to us and us alone, are priceless." I feel that this is so very true. It's wonderful and makes all the difference sometimes.

And p.s. I love England and so hope to visit someday! =)

Hi Kathryn! Your post and blog are both wonderful, and I am very happy to have found your space through Holly. I find myself asking many of the same questions you do. I find that it can be quite lonely working from home, especially as I am the only one in my circle of friends (the non-virtual one) who is self-employeed...and so I often feel a bit misunderstood about how "busy" I could possibly be sitting in a "bathrobe" ;)

For me, blogging is a wonderful way to connect with other generous freely exchange ideas and thoughts. I learn so much from the blog world daily, and it helps me to recharge my creative energy. Blogging represents a way to live a finer life...which does not mean expensive things, but rather meaningful moments :)

Thank you for your honest and provoking post. I look forward to stopping by regularly :)

Just absolutely beautiful and I couldn't agree more...Holly is right, your blog is so warm and comforting and lovely and it is an absolute pleasure to "meet" you. What a beautiful quote you included, that I had never heard, but, I think is now my all time favorite. I am so happy to have found you, and thank you for such a lovely and honest post.

Hi Kathryn! Another decor8 reader sent here by the lovely and thoughtful Holly.

I am very glad that I took to the time to stop by as this post really resonated with me. It's funny, I work in an office environment, banker's hours but it's been the most isolating experience of my life. I am a social butterfly at heart and I love connecting with and helping people and learning from them. Several years working in IT land like greenolive and being too busy for my creative side had left me feeling lost and unsure of myself and what I was meant to be doing.

Blogging has given me back what I'd lost or have been missing, it has allowed me to feel connected to a community of like-minded people who are probably some of the most generous folks I've ever "met" in my life.

One of the unexpected side effects of my experience blogging is being inspired so much that I look at the "offline" world around me in so many ways I never would have before. I have been inspired to begin nurturing my creativity again, to open up and share myself with others in the hopes of lifting them up and so so so much more.

Thank you for such a lovely post, it was very nice to reflect on what blogging means to me as well.


First time here - what a lovely blog, what lovely sentiments. Everyone needs to feel connected, real, and what a great thing if you can do that by opening up to others in such a generous way.

I'll be back to read more.

Hi Kat!
I just popped over from Holly's and I'm so happy that I did!
You are on my favourites list on my blog now!
I remember this time last year before was a blogger myself, I happened upon Blogland and your blog.
I remember you very very much as you touched my heart.
This year we both have had contact on flickr commenting on photos etc.
I feel that I am a better person for reading your thoughts and hearing the compassion for humanity that you have garnered from your life.
You refuel many of us with your loving kindness.
Thanks and Bless You~

Hello again! It's Ez from earlier. I just had to chime in an say that reading what everyone has shared here has truly moved me and it just deepens my feeling of gratitude and admiration for the lovely company of women (and a few guys) that we are amongst in blogland.
Hugs from me... to all of you!

Beautiful blog, I should thank Holly for letting me discover it :)
I slipped into a state of oblivion when I graduated from college(in industrial design), I didn't know if I wanted to be a designer anymore although it was my dream since middle school. I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life, felt useless and lonely... Then I started my blog and it felt like a sweet escape, and slowly I got my love for design back, so for me it was a journey of self-discovery! Sadly I am currently slipping back into that bad state because my job really clashes with my character and I have to keep it, maybe I should blog more often... For now I'll explore the wonders of your world; your blog...

Hello Kathryn,
I'm another first time visitor here - also sent over by Holly.
You write so beautifully, openly and honestly. I'm very moved by your thoughts.
I have been an avid daily reader of blogs for quite a while, but I have only been a blogger myself for a couple of months. I didn't (and still don't) feel confident writing as I am such a visual person. So my blog is as much about the images as the words. I consider my blog to be a journal - a record of my inspirations and observations. To me blogging is about connecting - connecting both with yourself and with a huge community. It's about exchange, inspiration, support and expression.
I'm glad I've found your blog, I've added it to my faves.
Thanks for sharing.

we started our blog earlier this year and it means the world to me. i never imagined something could make me feel not just happy, but joyful. i've met the loveliest ladies who enjoy the same things i do, which i don't have in my offline world. my mom also shared these interests and when she passed away a few years ago there was such a void. although they couldn't possibly fill it, my online friends have certainly made it better.

thank you for this lovely post - i think your blog is special because it conveys the sweet essence of you, kathryn.

keep doing what you love without question.
your blog is beautiful and insightful.

Yet another visitor via Decor8! I'm new to blogging and never really understood what the fuss was all about, but now that I've found some fantastic blogs and lots of lovely people, I wish I'd been part of the blogosphere years ago!

I love sharing things that inspire me in the hope that it will inspire others, and like you, I love talking to and with people and hearing what they have to say.

I actually started blogging when I was housebound for 2 weeks with a fever, but now that I'm all fine and dandy again I still can't get enough of blogging. I still get super excited when I have comments or emails, and I love stopping by other peoples blogs and seeing what they've been up to or what they've found.

:) i really loved this post...everything i read i was nodding my head in agreement
this is my first visit to the blog ill be a regular now on :)

have a lovely weekend

I don't have a blog of my own but have been following others' blogs since I quit working to stay at home with my kids a couple years ago. I visit blogs every morning to see all of the beautiful things that others have found and inspiring words that they have written and posted on their blogs. It helps me see the beauty around me and helps me feel connected. These blogs truly keep me going every day. I will be coming back to yours!

HI - just came over from Decor8 to take a peek at your lovely blog. I share your sentiment about blogging. Though I am still fairly new to it, I find it to be almost therapeutic at times. It is so amazing to reach out to people from all over the world and to have them reach back to you. So thank you again for your words...

Hello everyone,
wow!!! i am overwhelmed i have never had so many comments to a post I have shed a couple of tears(but thats a secret between us) along with having a big smile on my face and in my heart too!

you have moved me more than words can say, i know now that my blogging is something that not only i treasure but that touches you out there too.
i can't thank you all enough but i will be emailing you all as and when i can ( :
and thanks so much holly (i've messaged you) for letting all these wonderful kind hearted girls know about my little blog here.
love and butterfly wishes Kathryn

Hi there,
I too have come here via Decor8.
I had a read through your post and I was happy to read someone who has similar thoughts. I always feel I can't "reciprocate the interestingness" of others and well I just don't blog about a LOT of things as I think - "Who is going to read that?"
I guess what I am saying is that just reading your post has made me think I might throw caution to the wind and ramble my thoughts more often. Who knows someone might be interested.
Thank you for your honesty...and thanks Holly for telling us about your blog. Its now bookmarked.
Leslie x

Lovely post. I think you would like this blog and this post, if you don't already know it : )

Have a lovely weekend


hello kathryn,
i often struggle with posting. i wonder if my audience will even want to hear what i say. i guess i get insecure but i have to remind myself it's my space and if others find some sort of pleasure or even the smallest bit of inspiration then that's just a bonus.
i have often been lifted it up by a few sentences someone has left in the comments section. i love connecting with others, even if it is not in person.
the community in blogging is amazing. it's amazing how we interact with one another and how friendships are formed.i, like ez, rely on my bog as a place for peace and understanding. it's my outlet and i love it.
i wish you well in your recovery. i can only imagine how difficult it must be to push forward through this illness. i'm glad to hear you are improving.
thank you for such a heartfelt post.

I often wonder how many people we run across online who have serious issues in their life. Secret problems that prevent them from living 'normal' lives, for whom the Internet is like a life line that keeps them from giving up.

I read your bio and am glad you didn't give up. You are clearly a gem amongst the world.

hi kathryn, first time to your blog via holly at decor8... i must say your WHY resonated deeply with me...

we just moved into a new area where we have no friends, and with a new mortgage, we're trying to be wise about where we spend/save... so we don't get out much. my little girl is at home with me, so i don't work full time, only part time from home. the husband is out of the house by 6.50am and back at 7.30pm so he's tired and i'm basically alone most of the time.

why do i blog? like you, it's also to have someone to talk to (even if not many comment on my posts much)... and to air desires, dreams, wishes and plans that normally no one in my immediate circle of friends and family care much about, nor understand; to people who do care about what i care about, to those who understand and share similar desires, dreams and hopes... and obsessions!

it's good to know that my reason for blogging is shared too.

Hi Kathryn! I found you via Holly as well and this post spoke to me...I first started blogging because I missed writing and it seemed a good way to keep track of my thoughts and include links and images all in one place. My reasons haven't changed all that much but I've met some great people through the blogosphere and it's now lovely to share with them, even though we've never actually met. The community is generally very caring and supportive and it helps to know that there are kindred spirits out there.


today has been a pretty uplifting day,as its when i discovered Holly(from decor8)
had posted about my blog and so encouraged many new visitors my way! including you(maybe)
and then i went and read what everyone had said to me and was SO moved!
I have never experienced so many warm and caring comments upon a post, and i am
just using this email to send everyone, to thank them for stopping by and to let you
all know how much it has meant to me.Of course i have emailed the lovely holly as without
her, well, we would not have met would we.

I had without realising it been seeking a direction with my blog or at least confirmation that
what i was sharing was in any way reaching enough people who found something of meaning
in my words. So to have these lovely lovely comments has re-ignited my passion for writing
and i am most grateful.
I am quite isolated in that i don't work or get to socialise fully as yet, so to have input,and
hear from so many nice people has, as you can appreciate meant the world.
I want to thank you for taking the time and trouble to come over to see me.
I know Holly shares so many lovely blogs and crafters with us and not everyone
can visit every place nor always place a comment. So i feel lucky that you did.

its been a 'pleasure' to meet you
Thank you all for your kindness and i hope to maybe get to email you and pop over to your blogs v soon.
Love and butterfly wishes to you, Kathryn x

thanks for the link Jes
it is a lovely blog and i enjoyed her post on blogging, so similar to what we have discussed here too

lovely post. your words are very inspiring and so heart felt. thank you so much for sharing with your words how i have felt as well being new to blogging land.
i am a stay at home mom. for hours i will go without a conversation with an adult. blogging is truly many friends wrapped up in a box that i can visit at a drop of a 'button'(so to speak.) it has done wonders for my soul & mind!

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