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November 02, 2008


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Hello Kat, it's been a while since I've stopped by your blog, time seems so short these days. So glad I did though - such beautiful thoughts and images have got me feeling all creative. I must visit the Decor8 site, sounds really interesting. I love your thoughts on what blogging means to you. So perfectly put. I saw a particulary beautiful rainbow last week while driving little boy home from nursery and he asked me if we could drive til we found the pot of gold at the end of it. I melted! Loved those baby pictures of yours. I had a little pair of red sandals just like yours and I was always tripping over because I was too busy looking at them!
Lots of love,

How on earth I could have not come across your blog sooner, I'll never know - thrilled to have found you..!
So much warmth and love, honesty and beauty all in one blog...I'll definately be back for more..:)

Hi Kat
Lovely two recent posts.
I like the way you have arranged your blog lately, very practical and easy to follow! I must say, I check and read every post you blog and sometimes I don't comment as I don't know what to say, but that is hardly ever as you always say something that moves me in some way. I am always touched by your honesty, warmth and innocence of life. Continue to inspire and amaze!

the photos are beautiful!, especially that of the rainbow. you know what? We like the same music relaxing

Such a beautiful post Kathryn and a sweet,sweet tribute to those two beautiful ladies....they are like the sunshine coming in on any type of day and so, my dear, are you! Have a wonderful Monday!

Beautiful blog!! Very inspirational.

Beautiful post -- I found your blog through decor8 and will definitely be coming back often :)

lovely blog and a lovely name for a blog !
I came via Blanca - cuttings on a blog (blogspot)
I will definitely be back to read more.

What a thrill, Kat..Holly did such a sweet write-up on you and your delightful blog. Coming here is always a treat, my friend...So glad other are finding you and finding joy in your spirit! :o) Happy Day ((HUGS))

Oh goodness! I did not expect this! What lovely kind words and thoughts you have shared here Kathryn! Thank you for your kindness and for sharing your beautiful spirit with us. You've absolutely made my day!

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