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November 10, 2008


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So beautifully put Kathryn....I agree..good and bad things come to an end, things begin anew with time and there is such beauty in the tiny, little things.
Those are some of the things nature reminds me of....

Hi Kathryn,

Thank you for your nice words. What I learn from nature is forgiveness. As the Nature forgives us each Spring and re-greens each time, after we, people, are so little aware of damage we do to it, that is how we should forgive. But on the other hand, we should be kind to the Nature and to ourselves, because just think about what Earth would become if in the Spring the trees would not bloom.


I am in agreement with your words. only when we happened through bad moments we learn to evaluate the small great things of every day. we must remember this every morning when waking up. thanks to remember it today to me. affections!

How strange as this has been a constant thought of mine of late: how nature is so calming and healing and I always turn to it when I need comfort, refreshment and peace. In fact I just designed a new digital kit called "Natural Harmony" and I have a competition in which I asked them to state what they enjoy most about nature. I can't wait to read peoples comments. For me personally nature is soothing, energizing, inspirational. When I am feeling down I go into nature, I get all my inspiration for my work from nature. I couldn't live without trees and the sound of birds! Thanks for todays post Kat. Award for you on my blog!

I like what you wrote. It is beautifully said. I like to look at trees. They can live for so long; 100 years plus. It always amazing me. I love trees. It makes me feel grounded to look at them. They are so majestic. If only they could speak, they will have amazing stories to tell.
To be surrounded by nature is calming and it gives you a sense of hope in a sense that flowers through the seasons will be blooming again. I take everyday as a blessing and being able to look at nature is a pure delight.
I am glad that I discovered you blog. Now, I checked it out everyday from across the Atlantic.
Have a great day!

This post really affects me. You are so insightful and I really appreciate being able to read this. I will remember what you point out about the trees. They must have a lot of faith. Faith that even though they shed their pretty leaves and wait through winter, that they will find a reward for that letting go.

Your affirming poem is very beautiful, Kat. You use imagery so well. I am constantly inspired and awed by nature. I find great spiritual connection when being outdoors and at one with nature. I've always been a nature girl. :o) I think trees are great spirits, and I learn strength, resilience and hope from them. From animals and plants I learn that each day is new, back to the beginning...More and more recently I am learning the real letting go that nature can teach us. This year we've been experiencing some storms that have cause damaged to our property. It is a real lesson in not grasping, not clinging, not becoming angry, but letting it go, letting Mother Nature take what She will and continue to enjoy what She leaves. But for all the recent storms, I find never-ending harmony with nature. :o) Happy Day, my friend ((HUGS))

I learn that there is beauty in everything that nature has created, sometimes we have to look closely or for more than just a moment, but it is always there.
Your poem is beautiful and rings so true :)

What a beautiful poem Kathryn! There is so much to be learned from nature, I barely know where to start! Foremost is finding beauty in simplicity. I've also come to love and enjoy the passing of time as I watch the colours of the leaves change. Where I grew up, deciduous trees were actually quite rare, so now to live in Sydney and see tree lined streets change from bright green to stunning yellows, oranges and reds, it really is a beautiful monument of time that I suspect many take for granted.

the circle of life.
how small we are, but how cared for at the same time.
and that life and the natural world really goes on without us which I find a truly freeing and comforting thought.

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