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January 23, 2009


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All the best people were born in January. (I'm biased to this, since my birthday was last week, hehe)

I hope you have a marvelous 33rd year!

Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!

My 33rd is coming up this year as well, and I am actually looking forward to it (for once :)

Those cupcakes are adorable.

Wishing you a beautiful birthday today.

Hope you have a great birthday Kat, I raise my teacup to you and propose a toast to a wonderful 33rd year :)

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great and enjoyable day!

Happy Birthday!!! I made this little Polyvore creation for this special occasion. I wish you all the best! Blessings and smiles!

oh! it hurts to be late = (
also hope you've had a nice day =)
♥♥♥ happy birthday ♥♥♥

happy Birthday to you!

ah thanks everyone i really appreciate your taking the time to leave me your best wishes, love kat x

Happy Birthday, Kat! Hope you're having a great birthday! :)

Happy Birthday - gosh the necklace is exquisite!

Happy birthday to you! Hoping your year is filled with blissful moments. :)

Belated happy birthday Sweetie, I feel really bad about being late!! And you're right 33 is a nice number, I'll be havig a nice number this summer: 44 ;-)

Happy Belated Birthday! sorry for the late greeting, I love your blog, I think I came across it through decor 8, and I read it back to the start. I enjoy reading your posts and looking at the beautiful images you put together. I hope 33 is a brilliant year for you! I turn 30 next month! x

Happy Birthday Kat, hope it was a good one. I love the necklace, it's beautiful. Love Jackie Mx

Beautiful collection :)
I like the soft color palette!

Happy belated Birthday wishes, sweet Kat! Hope you had the loviest day ever! Your necklace is pure delight--it's gorgeous, and very you! Happy Days, my friend ((HUGS)) Oh, stop by soon if you get a chance--I'm having a fun Valentine Giveaway! :o)

Hello Kat, can you let me know if you have received my e-mails ! ?

Hope you, like me, had a lovely friday and a relaxing weekend XX


Happy Birthday Kat - belated birthday! Cupcakes make everything sweet and I hope that you have a wonderful year. I agree, 33 is a special number!

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