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January 01, 2009


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happy New Year Kathryn

Kathryn, I wanted to tell you that your blog and your journey are an inspiration to me. I also struggle with a chronic disease. Your honest view of the world remains so positive and loving despite (or perhaps I should say because) of all the struggle. You see so much beauty in the world. You embody my belief that courage and strength are verbs, things we do, things that we grow into. Thank you for sharing that with me, with us.

Hello Kathryn, Your post struck home with me, as I am also suffering with a chronic condition. Isn't it difficult to make plans when you're not sure how well you'll be feeling? Feel free to visit my blog...

hi kathryn, happy new year and hope it is a positive one for you, although you see to remain positive in spirit in your blog..i wondered if you had ever heard of the 'lightning process'? its something id never heard of until making a new friend while volunteering in our local oxfam shop earlier last year, she was starting to venture out into public life again after being at home for a year or more with M.E , she tried the lightning process and says it bascically transformed her life, this is the first christmas shes been able to enjoy for ages or fully participate in at least.. shes actually training on a course at the moment to be able to deliver the process for others, anyway, let me know if youd like to know more and i'll try and forward you some info..take care xxx

To believe, wholeheartedly, that you are loved... Nothing else matters. This gives strength whenever needed. Gives peace and comfort during trials. Is hope, unextinguishable. The belief that you are loved. Everyone needs that. Happy New Year!

Hi Kat, thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings in this post. Of late, I've been thinking about so many of the points you mentioned - about the beliefs in my own heart about love and life and living day to day.Sometimes we wonder about the purpose in our lives and why things happen and of late I find I don't have many of the answers but all I can do as you said is trust in a loving and supportive Creator and Universe that is enfolding me in love.
Happy New Year,

thankyou to everyone who kindly left a comment for me on this heartfelt post,it means alot,rachel i use Lp its a good tool in my recovery 'satchel' ( : love kat

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