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June 16, 2009


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Kat, thanks for offering this giveaway. After I saw Shanna Rae's stuff on your blog I visited her Flickr page and absolutely loved her work and the textures. I've been saving up to buy the FloraBella textures myself so I'm keeping my little fingers crossed about this giveaway!


I love Shana's work and have been drooling over her textures for a while. I'd love to be in with a chance to win!

Love the textures...I have been following Sophie for a long time and love looking at Shanna Rae's pictures. Thanks for the give away...wish me luck:)

Hi kathryn,

Thank you for choosing my photo (BARELY THERE) in LAYERS OF LIGHT set.

eva ricci ;)

I'd love to have the chance to win these textures. I've been following Shana Rae via Sophie Lu for several years and love her photography and emerging talent as an editor as well.

Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

I would love a chance to win Shana's beautiful textures!!

I love the photo textures! Would love to win them!

These are so beautiful! Thanks for doing this great giveaway!

I've always loved Shana Rae's work...would love to win these!

I would love to win a set!!

Beautiful! Count me in!

What an amazing give away
Just today I wrote a comment on a flickr photo using her textures that I would love to learn how to use them one day :-)
This could be my chance!!!

i love shana rae's stuff! just over the past few weeks i have become obsessed with textures and saw hers just the other day. the images that she puts together are amazing and i would be so pleased to be entered in this drawing!!! thank you so much, kat :)

thanks for including my "yellow bird on a fountain" image as one of your examples..and what a wonderful gesture..to have this giveaway...! I love the textures myself and love Shana's work as well!! ;-D sue

Such a great giveaway! Shana's work is just beautiful. Thanks for the opportunity!

OH I just come back..thanks ALSO for including my Sweet as Candy...pink bokeh and white flower pic too!! Don't know how I missed that one first time by! ;-D Sue

Beautiful! Love to win this!

oh i'd love a chance to win shana's beautiful texture pack! :D what a great idea for a competition!

i was very excited about the release of the florabella pack until i saw that it would cost a little more than i can afford right now lol. but for a very good reason, i'm getting married next year and my fiance and i are scrounging for every penny in the middle of ireland's recession (which has meant pay cuts and extra taxes for us!), so unfortunately i can't justify a texture pack in my spending right now as you can see lol.

but i have been admiring all the work done with the textures, the groups is full of the most divine images. congratulations to shana on the success that the textures have been :) i love the four you've posted here, especially the eva ricci piece, i wasn't aware of her photostream before but i'll be keeping my eye on it now because it's amazing! :)

I love Shana's blogs, and now I love Shana's textures!!!

Please enter me!! I just love Shana's work!!!

Such beautiful textures and images! I'd love to be entered as it would be the only way I could ever get a chance to use them.

And thanks for the opportunity to win the textures!

These are truly lovely..... Just breathtaking.

Add my name to the drawing please!

I have followed Shana's Blogs for a few years now! She is amazing at everything she does! I would love to win the contest and have a piece of her art!!!

Beautiful and breathtaking!! Congrat's Shana, well done :)
*long time follower of Sophie Lu and the gang.

I have followed Shana's blog and adore her photography. I would love to be entered in the giveaway!

I'd love a chance to win a set of Shana's textures! Thanks so much for this opportunity. :)

My first visit here but not my last! Your blog is fabulous!

I would love to be entered.

I am so excited about this give away. I've been reading Shana's blogs for a long time. I also have a Chinese princess! I have just gotten into photography myself and would LOVE to have these textures!


I would love to be included in the giveaway! You all create such amazing works of art!

I have been following Shanas blog for a while and she is so talented. I would love to be added to the drawing.

Shana is a sweet heart and her babies are just beautiful. She really has an eye for her photos and I've love that she's doing these textures now!

Thanks for the giveaway!!


Ohhh How beautiful! Crossing my fingers I win! :o)

I've just started following her work...and it's amazing!! She has sooo much talent!

Thanks for this giveaway, Shana does great work. I have been following her blog and flikr for a long time now.
Angie S.

I am just now getting into textures and working on my photography skills. I've been a huge fan of Shana's for awhile now and I've followed her adoption blog since Sophie came home. My daughter is also Sophie's age and we adopted her about 2 months earlier than Sophie. I would love to "win" this set of textures!

Would love this!!!!

I've seen her work on flickr too and it's amazing!

I would love a chance to win ! i am a big fan of her work .

Great giveaway! I love Shana Rae's photos and would love to use the textures.

Hello ! My name is Hrönn and I´m from Iceland. I have been following Shana Rae´s story/blog for couple of years - the reason why I started to look at her blog was because I was waiting for my China girl. In that period it was so helpful for me to see how Sophie Lu was growing up. Now after I got my little angle I still go to her site to enjoy her artistic way of taking photographs. I would really like to try out her new textures. Until 1.of July I will pray !!! ;-)

I've have been following Shana's blogs for a long time now. I have also watched her grow as a photographer. I love her work and admire it greatly. I also have been getting into photography and learning photoshop, and would love to win the contest.

How gorgeous!!! Shana's work is breathtaking!

Sue Garry is doing amazing work with these textures and I have fallen in love wth them and hope someday I will be able to get such great results...Your webpage is divine and so full of eye candy and mindfulness...thanks for sharing!

I love Shana's work! Especially pictures of her daughter! :)

I too am a fan of Shana Rae, and would love to be included in the contest! Thank You...

Beautiful just gorgeous work. Been following Shana's blogs since the beginning. I need to learn to use photoshop as I love to take pictures. Hope to win the contest so my toddler and I could create beautiful pictures.
Please if you would, add my name to the drawing. Thanks for sharing your work.

I love the textures. I've followed Shana's blog for years and am very excited about her latest adventure. I need to work on my photos!

Love these textures!!! Thanks for giving us a chance to possibly win these...your work is so beautiful!!!

I love Shana's work. Would love to be entered in the contest. Thanks

I'm new to using textures, but this sure seems like a great way to jump in!

I met Shana through her mom years ago. I have recently begun a photography business and LOVE these textures. Pick me, pick me!

I would love these. I am like you...just about to load my software...but these are just wonderful they make me want to learn how to do this!

enter my name please! Her work is beautiful, & I'm a fan of anyone in the adoption community :)

These photographs just speak to my heart. I have hundreds of images of my daughter and flowers. I would love to win some beautiful textures to go over them!

Thank you for your giveaway! I am saving for buying Shana's texture, I hope I can win this giveaway from you. May I know what should I do for that? Thanks :)

I LOVE these textures!! They are so beautiful! I would love to have a chance to win. :-) This is such an amazing giveaway!

I have been eyeing these beautiful textures and am saving up for them but would LOVE to win them! Thanks and your blog is wonderful!!

I have been enjoying Shana's photography for a few years now! Thanks for offering this giveaway :)

How beautiful! I am a big follower of Shana's blogs and I would love to be entered to win...her work is gorgeous.

Thanks for offering this!

I would love Shana's set! Her blogs are among my most favorite!

Wow, Still art, alive with color & perseption.
Captivating timeless art, through lifes' still moments.

Allowing the viewer their enhanced interpertation of each piece of stillness.

I have also been a follower of Shana's blogs and most recently her Flickr Page! Her photography is so inspiring and I just love her style! Thank you for the chance to win!

I would love to win Shana's texture set, I havent been able to afford them but have wanted to get them since i heard she was making them! she is such a talented photographer!

Ooh, I would absolutely love to win a set! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway! =)

How exciting! Can't wait to see what's in the texture package. I do really love her photos!

Hey i just saw shana's work and it amazes me how much talented people can be :D i so wanted to try out her textures but am so jobless i cant afford to buy them right now. so i thought of participating in this contest sorta thing :) cheers, im learning so much just looking at her work cant think of how much id learn using them. \m/ shana rocks totally

I love Shana's photography and have been following her blog for six months now. I just bought my first "real" camera and I would love to win the textures! Thanks for the opportunity!

I so love these textures and what they do to photos. Can't wait to see who wins!!!

Would love to win. Thanks!

Lovely images. Thanks.

Oh, I'd love to win!

I found Shana's blog from another couple who adopted a little girl from China. Shana is a gem! Love her photographic work!

I'd love to have the chance to win these textures. I've been on Flickr for several years and love so many of the photographers- they have such talent!
Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

OMG! These are so amazing. I would LOVE to
play with them. I saw her work on Flickr and was just blown away.
Shana is incredibly talented!!!

Please add me to the drawing. I have followed Shana's website for a couple of years and have always admired her photography. I love, love, love the floral textures!

I am in the process of decorating my daughters room in a vintage setting. How perfect Shana's art would look in there. Kaylee is 2 and was born in Vietnam, and a little princess she is!

Thanks for entering me in the contest!

I have been following Shana's story for about 4 years now - I love her blog and photos. Having just bought a Nikon D40 I will be inspired by her work, the same as you! Ashlea x

So beautiful! I admire Shana for her talent :-)Her textures are amazing :-)

All photos have fantastic mood.
All photos are beautiful!!

very nice, i really likes everything

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