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August 26, 2009


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Take care Kat. You'll be missed but it's most important that you feel better. Enjoy the rest of the summer sunshine. xoxo

take care girl. Come back soon! xoooxo

hi Kat, Just stopped by. You are in my thoughts at the moment all the way across the seas.. as you anvigate through this rough patch..
Michelle x

oh kat i'm sorry to see you're feeling bad. sending lots of light and positive thoughts your way, and i hope that you are feeling back to yourself soon xxx

Hi, Kat! No worries...just glad you were able to let us know what's happening. And sorry you are not feeling well just now. Take the time you need...and be taking good care of yourself. Know that you will be missed and thought of very much. Until soon then! :o) ((BIG HUGS))

I'm glad you let us know Kat, and know that you will be in my thoughts and I'm sending you healing and loving vibes over the Atlantic

i've just got back from my little trip. sorry to hear you're needing a little time out but it's good to take as much time as you need, everyone will still be here on your return. will keep in touch with random emails anyway :) xoxo

hey kat, take care and come back soon. i will miss you here but take as much time as you need. all i want is to have you healthy although i don't know you in person i know you are a great person!

Hi Kat, I'm sending lots of positive thoughts and wishes your way and hope you'll be feeling better very soon. Look after yourself, love JackieM xx

Awww so sorry to hear you are taking a break as I have only just discovered your lovely blog this afternoon! Sending you lots of well wishes and will endeavour to send you some yogic positive vibes when I am practicing/teaching - Kisses Kitty xxx

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that you're not feeling so good. I hope that you will recover soon and be able to share your thoughts with us. But health comes first and I really wish you all the best.

Take care!

I'm thinking of you and wishing you good health wishes. take the bestest care of yourself,and speak when you are well again. lots of love xxx

sorry to hear you are not well Kat. Will be thinking of you and hope you come back to blog land again soon! Take care!

I only just found your blog, and it has been really inspirational and lovely and I shall enjoy reading through older posts while you are away healing yourself.
I hope you get well soon :)

take care kat, hoping you feel more able to cope with things very soon. take it easy lots of love rachel xxx

Take care of your self Kat and take time to heal :)

just wanted to thank everyone thats left a comment i truly appreciate it,luv k

Hey Kat!!! I hope your'e doing better now! Get well, you'll be on my thoughts!



How are you feeling Kat? really hope you're doing better. Take care. lots of love and good vibes, Laura xxx

I'm so sorry to hear that you're struggling. I do hope that things get better soon and that the winter is kind to you. Thinking of you, xx

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