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August 07, 2009


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Such a lovely note and great post, Kat. It sounds corny, but I'm sure your grandparents are both watching over you. I still miss mine, too - they passed away about six and a half years ago.

It's nice that you have such a beautiful garden in which to recuperate and the bunnies are too cute! Oh and I love your skirt (can I please raid your wardrobe ;). I think I will have to check out the urban outfitters site!


Brilliant! Good work. Adding to my favourites!

What a gorgeous garden, and you're absolutely glowing too! Love the skirt, and I can also relate to missing your grandparents! I lost my grandmother earlier this year, and my nanna a couple of years ago, and I miss them both dearly.

It is so nice that the both of us can feel closer to our grandmas when we are out in the garden. That is such a gift. And as strange as it sounds to think this way, I hope that one day in the far future, when I am gone... I hope that I have a granddaughter that loves gardens and thinks of me. =)

I wish for you health and happiness, and many many more days to spend among the flowers!

And p.s. I love and appreciate your showcase post on my photography. I didn't expect to see it tonight and it is really so lovely. It's an honor. Thank you, Kat!

this is such a lovely post kat. it's good that we've had some nice weather of late so that you are able to enjoy being outside.

You have such a lovely garden; it's nice to hear that when you're not feeling your best you still have somewhere beautiful to rest and recuperate. Your story really is inspirational, I hope you are feeling stronger soon.

I'm sure your grandparents would be delighted that your memory of them lives on so strongly, and as for your bunnies, they are so cute! Where I live we aren't allowed to have rabbits as pets because there is a very large imported wild rabbit problem, and so I am living vicariously through you as a bunny owner, even if they do run away from cuddles!

Also, thank you for your birthday wishes. It has been the beginning of a fantastic year already :)

Thankyou so much I really appreciate your thoughts and I'm so pleased I can share about what I'm going through here on my blog and mix it in with all my finds that I like to share with you too. Hopefully the balance is kept with both, kat x

I'm so sorry to hear that you're having such a bad summer health-wise but I'm pleased that you have such a gorgeous place to rest and recuperate.

I'm missing my Grandad a lot too just now. Hugs to you. And to your adorable, anti-social buns.

what a lovely Post Kat, I think of you when I am in my garden with my beautiful rambling star jasmin x

I can read the note from the picture and it is so heartwarming.


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