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February 02, 2010


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Dear Kat, This is all incredibly moving, more than words, but I thank you for sharing this and am honored you included some of my work in your tribute mosaic to Lynn. xo – g

What a beautiful, honest and touching post. It made me "see through the rubbish weather and my current struggles" and appreciate what I have. Thank you x

Thankyou Mademoiselle P
And G I had to include your photos
I wanted to have your beautiful spirit and work
in the collage
xxx k

I was very close to Lynn (Jessie as I knew her) and I know she'd have loved that. Thank you for your thoughtful and touching post Kathryn. She really did have a beautiful spirit, the most wonderful person I have ever known. xx

Hi Laura thankyou for the lovely comment,it means alot coming from her friend, i will message you honey, k xx

Hi Kat.

Thanks so much for "dropping in" at my blog, I'm still very very new to all this, so all visitors, followers and comments are sooo appreciated ;-) ...and I hope I'll never get complacent about it. Anyway, thanks for the compliment about my signature, if you go to you can create your own from a huge amount of different styles. Hope this helps. Enjoy

Carole x

what a beautiful post kat, it's so very heartfelt. i saw you mention the programme on facebook but alas daniel & i have gotten rid of tv so i wasn't able to tune in! i love how you broach the topic of ME with so much feeling and a brave spirit. i'm also very glad for you that life is easier for you now than it once was, and i can only hope that things continue that way for you. lots of love and light to you, thanks for sharing this lynn's story and your own lovely words xx

Such beautiful and comforting words, Kathryn. This is truly beautiful and moving. I think when we know others who are sick, we really 'do know them' because we know those unspoken secrets that no else really understands.
Take care sweet friend.

Hi there,

I don't know if you were aware, but she was actually part of the LiveJournal ME community and an extract from it was published in the Times and the Daily Mail (this is the Times's copy which is less edited than the DM's). She had many online friends, many of them bedbound as she was, and was able to give support to people in similar situations to herself or others (one of them a quadriplegic for example). She kept in touch with them through her diary (almost all of which was friends-only) and through theirs.

I wrote this on my own blog about the value of such friendships, as there are those who regard online friends as "fake" or "virtual" friends. You might also like to read this which is by one of Lynn's friends (as an earlier commenter noted, she was known as Jessie within that circle).

I have said elsewhere, I found this the most emotionally moving news story I've ever come across. I saw Lynn on a documentary in 1993 about ME and always wondered how long it took her to recover, but I always thought that was a temporary phase. Although her mental faculties returned, she suffered all her life with dreadful pain, never recovered the ability to eat or speak and her body was so damaged by the end that she lost hope of ever recovering. Such a tragic story.

How is it that you actually recovered, just out of interest?

I meant to post some links in that, but it stripped them out. They are: for the diary extract for my article on online friendships for Emily Levick's account of her friendship with Jessie/Lynn

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