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March 29, 2010


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Hello Kat!
Thanks for the FAB giveaway!
(My pick: the stamps! Beautiful!)

(I'm a follower!) :)


Congratulations on a huge three years!

And a gorgeous giveaway too - they are both divine but the stamps edge it slightly!

I am a follower and have tweeted too!


Oh, happy third birthday! :) The first thing I thought when this blogpost popped up was that those butterfly stamps are GORGEOUS! I'd love to win those :)

Take care Kat!

Hi Kathryn, Congratulations on three years!!! That is a wonderful achievement and you've spread so much joy and beauty around the world in that time.

Hmm, I'd have to pick the postcards but you know I love all things Cavallini. I'm already following.

Have a lovely day, butterfly princess! xo – g

Congratulations on Secrets 3rd birthday

happy 3rd anniversary!!! i follow your blog nearly a year now (since holly mentioned it) and you never failed to inspire me! thank you <3

Happy Anniversary! Three years..wohoo!
i would love the stamps

Happy blog birthday, Kat! :) I don't think I even knew what a blog was three years ago, lol.

Tough choice, but I love the postcards. Thanks for the giveaway :)

PS. Am already a follower.

Happy Birthday! I didn't come across blogs until a year ago and I started to follow you just yesterday. I have personally been blogging for a few months now and I love it, it's great to show others your creative finds isn't it.

Keep up the good work!

The stamps are gorgeous :-)

Hello Kat, Well done on reaching 3 years when so many other Blogs fall by the lost blogs highway. Sweets, I love them both but maybe the stamps.
If you change your mind on the Frankie, I think it will be on the shelf a few more weeks.
Your new profile picture is lovely too.
I shall tweet this comp later and let you know when I do. xx

*Happy 3rd bloggy anniversary*
Oh my such a pretty giveaway, I am super in love with butterflies so would love love love to win this.

Hi Kathryn

Congratulations on three years of your gentle, inspiring blog. I know my beautiful daughter would love the butterfly stamps so they would be my choice if I were lucky enough to win.

Kat, I just did a tweep! xx

Happy 3rd anniversary.
I'm following you since last week and I'm enchanted of your blog. so many lovely things...
you're doing a great job!

I like the butterfly stamps! they are beautiful. the postcards I saw in a bookshop here in my hometown in germany...

Happy Blogiversary, Kat! You & your place is of the sweetest around--just love to visit here each week. Looking forward to years more fun with you here. Your giveaway is so beautiful and generous--so like you! Happy Days, my friend :o) ((BIG HUGS))

Happy 3 years sweetie :) Your blog is one of my favorite places to visit, always filled with beautiful pretty things. You are one of the kindest people I know, and I am so glad I found you :) xxx

Happy Happy 3 years. I have been reading your blog for quite a while now, but have never left a comment before, but the giveaway has brought me out of lurkdom. I love the stamps if by some stroke of luck I get picked. Love your blog.

Joyeux Troisième Anniversaire Secrets of a Papillon, 'aimer' all of Cavalinni & Co, especially the postcards.

Trying to learn french so just practicing a little!
Have a great day and keep up the fabulous posts xxx

happy bloganniversary! though I am visiting here for the first time, I make myself a follower

I've always been a fan of butterflies and I think of them as a creature of growth and change

I definitely would like the wood mounted butterfly stamps

Happy Blog Birthday!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!
I love butterflies! I even have 3 tattooed on my back and I`m in love with the butterflies stamp :)
I`d use it on my thank you notes from my new etsy shop!

And I`m a follower :)

Happy Blog Birthday!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!
I love butterflies! I even have 3 tattooed on my back and I`m in love with the butterflies stamps :)
I`d use it on my thank you notes from my new etsy shop!

You are such a sweetheart. We should be sending you a gift as a congratulations! This is a really pretty set of stamps. I actually don't own any stamps at all, if you believe it, but I can imagine all the wonderful uses for them. Congratulations on 3 years! (I remembering following your blog after Holly did a post about it... gosh, how long ago was that?) Best wishes Kat!

Happy 3 years!!! Well I am doing all I can to get the stamps!! (I am following you with google, and also I twitted about your blog)... so it is all in Lady luck's hand now!

Lovely and generous. I especially love the stamps...

Happy 3rd Blog Birthday! That is a fantastic milestone in the bloggy world!

I adore your butterfly tins. As a paper/mixed media crafter, I would choose the stamps, but the postcards would be just as wonderful.


happy anniversary! You have such a lovely blog:)
I'd love to have the butterfly stamps:)

Hi Kat, just dropped by to wish you and your lovely blog a happy 3rd birthday - hip, hip hooray!!! (Oh, and a happy Easter too!) xxxx

Wow Kat, time flies so fast. Congratulations. I have always felt so inspired by your gentle and beautiful blog. When I'm having a difficult day I visit your blog and I'm always reminded that beauty and gentleness still exist in the world, you really are an angel.

happy 3rd of my favourite reads xoxo

what a gorgeous blog! i found you through flickr and am now signed up. your giveaway is lovely - i'd love a chance of winning the butterflies please :) happy easter to you and i am looking forward to reading more on here... maisy x

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