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April 29, 2010


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kathryn, this post is beautiful! i wanted to see 'bright star' for so long. now, i wanted to see it right now.

abbie cornish played in 'candy' along with heath ledger. an amazing film. and she played in 'elizabeth-the golden age'. she surely is someone to watch. as far as i know she came to known in public with that little australian film 'sommersault'.

thank you for that great post. and the beautiful pictures. (one of my favourite scenes is that named buttefly scene. it is in the trailer)

Oh I hadn't heard of this film but it looks beautiful, thank you for such a delightful review.

I haven't seen this film yet but really want to and have it ready to go - just need to find the time! And I don't think it is my husbands cup of tea either so have to find the time myself soon.
Beautiful post.
Is it too early to wish you a wonderful weekend!

oh i definitely need to see this. the actor was in brideshead revisited too i think. thanks for sharing.

Thankyou for such a wonderful review, I have never actually heard of this film before I read of it on your blog, and since I havent been to watch a movie in so long, I think this is one ill be going to watch - thankyou!


Hi just me again!
Just wanted to let you know I've finally posted about my lovely butterfly giveaway win if you want to pop by (sorry it took a while) ~

Sorry it would help if I didn't type so fast ~

Kathryn, like I wanted to say earlier but didn't get to, I absolutely love your review of this film. I saw it earlier and was so enchanted by it! I think I gushed a little at the time as I just could not get over the beauty of every scene, perfectly beautiful film moment after moment, and so poetic and beautiful as well, and I love what you wrote about it. you've really captured what I felt in it as well, so thank you so much!
I agree about letters as well, romantic indeed! I love your writing, Kathryn. Just an entierly beautiful post, as well as your last entry your blog is so wonderful to read. xo

Oh, I just can't wait to see this movie! I missed it at the cinema, but I'm sorry I did, as it looks visually delicious! My favourite Keats poem is "Ode on Melancholy", he created such beautiful imagery with his words.

I have got to rent this one :) xxx

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