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May 31, 2010


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What a great find! Those shots look gorgeous. And I totally agree with everything you've said!

what a pleasure to stop by here today to see what you have been up to and fine this incredibly sweet and thoughtful post!!! I am so happy that my blog is one of the one out there that you hold dear as I do yours :-D

I couldn't agree more with your words about all the inspiration we can each now create, share, and enjoy with one another thanks to blogging. So well said on your part...

XOXO your big fan in Paris Bardot in Blue

You always attract lovely things to yourself, Kat! I know I will always find the loveliest things here. And it is also a beautiful name for a Blog, isn't it? Hope all is well with you. xx

I understand what you mean by thining about what life would be like before blogger and flickr etc, I get so inspired by looking at beautiful pictures, and to be honest they just make me happier! :)

And I am now going to become a follower of Bardot in Blue, I've just had a look, what a wonderful blog :)


Thanks for introducing us to her, Kathryn. What a fun place to visit. It's very addictive! Hope you are having a lovely week. xo – g

I happened upon your little blog this afternoon, and it is beautiful...I think I may stay awhile x

I know exactly what you mean - I often feel like I can travel the world just by sitting down to read blogs. I love the insight into others beautiful lives.

what a lovely post highlighting this great blog, one of my favourite's too

She's wonderful, I did an interview with her and she's just amazing. So sweet and a great blogger! Your blog is also fantastic, I really enjoyed this visit! I'm of to read some more of your posts. (; Love, Daphne

So delighted to discover your wonderful had me with "Butterfly" When I started blogging I never dreamed I would make so many friends. It truly is a rich experience One of my first followers was Bardot in Blue...but that is because I am her mom! Of course I adore her and her blog. So sweet of you to highlight her here.


Daphne thankyou, I stopped by your blog and love it, glad to have found you!
And Jermaine how wonderful to hear from Haleigh's mum. I'm touched that you like my blog and hope you fly by again sometime...
kat xx

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