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June 28, 2010


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It's good to see your feeling well enough to blog. I have missed you this past week, and have been thinking about how you are alot. I hope this week is a better one for you xxxx

Hello :)
I am also a "one stitch at a time" girl! It works for me!
Relax, take your time and soon (i hope) you`ll start feeling better!
Have a wonderful day!
xo, Thili

Dearest Kathryn, I noticed you were a little on the quiet side and I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling low. Sending lots of love and good energy your way, I will keep a thought of you in my mind of better days and better health for you xx

Feel better soon! xoxo

What a lovely picture. I hope the tough times will be fewer and you have sunny days when you are well enough to get out again. It sounds like you have responded to the hard times by learning from there. It is a brave and honest approach.

Dear Kathryn,
I do still keep up with your blogs, even though I don't comment every time. I hope you regain some of your energy soon. You always look lovely in photos and your writing is wonderful.
Sending love and hugs your way.
Hazel xx

I think 'one stitch at a time' might be an approach to life I should adopt more and am trying at the moment.

Hope the sunshine warms and gives you strength dear.

i love ur dress! hope you feel better soon!

just passing by your blog and i have to say its LOVELY! pls come drop by mine too and maybe we can follow each other. =)


i found your blog on holly becker.
very inspiring! beuautiful images! soon, éva

Dear dear Kat,
let me just send you a sincere hug.
I wish you all the best: IT IS going to be better.

PS: Pretty dress! :)

Deerest K,

I know what you mean from my personal experience about not feeling as much yourself as you did, although you are always so beautiful in your thoughts and friendships towards others that they wouldn't know. But obviously you do and you feel how big the waves are and how deep the tide. Let it be said you are brave to ride things out by letting go of what you can. There is no point in struggling against, but rather, patiently trust that it is to pass and you will be glad and have energy restored to you.

Love and care, M x

Hi Kat,
I'm sorry you are not feeling the best. You are an inspiration to me. I have an inflammatory arthritic disease which restricts my mobility and my actions due to lack of energy and pain. I find it frustrating sometimes as I have so many creative ideas, but I am learning to patiently go with the flow. Your site gives me great pleasure and joy. Thanks.

Hi just wanted to add my thanks for your comments on this post as it was quite a heartfelt one, it can be tricky to know how much to always share when illness is within your life as you don't want to bore people with the details all the time!

but at the same time i feel i am covering up how i am if i never mention it at all. so this was my way of mentioning it after i'd been absent for a while. I would post daily if i could, so i miss it when i'm having to be away.

Eadaoin, yes if i'm quiet at Secrets its nearly always because i am on a less good spell and needing more rest.

Hazel i'm very glad you still visit me, as i do your blog also, its good to keep in touch with my very early blog friends, even after sum 3 years of blogging. :)

Thankyou Louise, Cassie,Shanon,Mary,Suze,Tracy and Thilli for your comments i always appreciate your taking the time to leave me messages here ;)

Persis and Eva and Faery Fay thankyou for being new commentors, and being so sweet.

butterfly wishes
kathryn x

What a beautiful analogy Kathryn. I think we must be making a V E R Y big jumper though! Wishing you better times x

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