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August 16, 2010


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Hi kathryn, I visit whenever I am online, so I am commenting as you said!!! I hope you get to visit me at flickr too,blogging would be too much of a tie for me, but I do love flickr! Would love to see you include anything i have sent you in your blogs, even the blanket, would make my day! I love the banner, its so you!! anna and luigi xxx

oh its so cute and beautiful and pretty and calming and completely perfect for your wonderful blog. xxxx

Kat, I love it! It's so light and whimsical. I think it fits perfectly and her style is playful and sweet.

I love the new header! it is lovely :)

I am new to your blog and your banner is just perfect, your blog is so inspiring ;-)
I like all the pics and they way you put things together.
Nice vibs for you

simply beautiful. delicate. feminine. gentle with striking impact. thanks for sharing Yee Von. I didn't realize she did Nancy's blog banner too. I love how they express each of your blog's personality. the sign of a talented artist for sure.

Love the new look, Kat :) The photo is beautiful, too - love the arrangement and those roses are just too pretty. xo

What beautiful work! She has such a wonderful talent and the blog looks fantastic!

Simply stunning illustration , beautiful and perfect for such a pretty blog. x

love it :) your right its very whimsical and dreamy, perfect for this blog! :D x

hi, i came to your blog through yeevon's blog, you are her great supporter which can be seen from your comments in her blog. I love her arts too and the banner is perfectly matched with your blog. Love it!

yes, i did notice the banner- it looks great!

The new header is beautiful, Kathryn, and really communicates the magic of Secrets. Your rose photos are so gorgeous, too. The sepia works really well. How sad that the weather has been bad and that your roses are already over. But thankfully you have the photos to make you smile all year. xo – g

Hello Kat, I love your beautiful new look but you're always lovely here. Just to let you know your giveaway gifs are wrapped and will be sent out tomorrow Thanks so much for your patience as I was finishing the book etc. If you could just let me know when they arrive safely so I don't wonder forever after if they got lost in space. xx

Thank you so much Kathryn :) It is such a pleasure to work with you!
I really love how you have framed the little bunny notecard!

Even the weather has taken the roses away but they remain beautifully in your photos. I'm sure they will come back again next year :)

Take care,
xoxo Yee Von

so pretty! yee von is very talented and the look she's achieved is so magical - suits your blog down to a cup of sweet T! x

HI Kat, your new banner is Gorgeous!! Its perfect for your blog. I love it. Yee Yon's work is amazing.

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