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October 15, 2010


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Dearest Kat, Thank you for these bits of beauty today – they are all so lovely and I will definitely be checking out the various shops! Personally, I love your sidebars. They are beautiful and part of what makes coming here so special because you celebrate the wonderful creations of so many.

Yes, the Chilean miners reaching freedom was very amazing. D is in Chile right now visiting his parents and my Mom and I watched nearly all of the rescue live.

Your hydrangea photo is gorgeous! I imagine the garden is winding down but great that you were able to get out yesterday.

Wishing you a happy weekend filled with light and energy. Love and hugs, – g

Dear Georgi
Oh of course D has connections to Chile, he will have been soaking up the wonderful celebratory atmosphere the past few days!
Yes I saw much of the coverage too, such an important story to watch, I enjoyed Sky news coverage here. I thought the Chilean Prime minister a wonderful person too.
Thank you so much for your comment, the feedback is invaluable. Many bloggers have bare sidebars and it is a nice calm appeal. But like you say I have always used my little box links to share my favourites and my friends places. It gives a taster of what the blog link is about to anyone browsing them.
Maybe I shall hang onto them as they are then.
Thanks for your care darling, speak soon
Kat x

Gorgeous pics Kat, and that dress is just lovely - I can just picture it on you...your blog is such a lovely place to visit, and I agree with Georgianna, it's part of what makes it so special x

Kat, what a great surprise! I stopped by to see how you were doing and saw my art staring back at me. You are too sweet my friend. I am deeply touched. How have your days been? I made a bold move last week. I am leaving my full-time job and taking on a freelance position so I can take better care of myself. I just couldn't handle the long days anymore. I will be working in-house two days a week and from home two days and will have three day weekends!!!! I am so relieved, I just want to cry... tears of joy of course. Hugs to you.

Tina, thank you i really value that feedback about my blog.
Hopefully I'll be wearing the dress soon. Kat x

So glad you saw the post I was going to get round to telling you it was up.
Just my energy has been a bit hit and miss lately.
I'm so pleased you've been able to go freelance and am sure it'll be just the thing to help your situation. Best wishes with it sweetheart.
Kat xx

Sorry to hear you needed your spirits lifting. These images are beautiful though - those little oak leaf earrings are so lovely - by coincidence I made an oak necklace this week.

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