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October 11, 2010


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What a lovely idea, Kathryn - thanks! Some of my favourites at the moment are:

Collage of Life
Hens' Teeth
Marley & Lockyer
Miss Sew & So
My Sweet Prints
My Villa Life
Oesch & Doots
One Perfect Day
The House that A-M Built

Oh, and you're on my blogroll. J x

Good evening!! I have you added to my side bar...loving your blog! :) You have a fabulous style!!

My favorite blog that has stood the test of time has been A Fanciful very magical!!! The link is

Enjoy your evening!!

Well of course I have a link to your blog in my sidebar, Kat! I love everything you share!

Let's see. I've been following Wee Garden for years. It isn't like a typical blog w/ comments & regular posts, but you might enjoy it too...

I also love Cottage of Lost Play - she doesn't post often, but her blog is magical to me...

And you might also like a-faerietale-of inspiration...

There are so many that I love! Perhaps you already know of these - if not, enjoy the visit!

Happy day to you,

Thank you girls, i have added you Jane and Melissa to my list of lovely bloggers :) and Zuzu you are already on too.
I am just going to visit your recommendations now...
love Kat x

Thanks, Kat. I'm so flattered - your blog is so beautiful. You're very kind. I hope you enjoy the ones I receommended. J x

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