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November 05, 2010


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such beautiful posts. I daydream of rolling green hills, winding country lanes trimmed with wild flowers, wild flower meadows as far as the eye can see, roses clambering over a door.... have a wonderful weekend, Catherine xx

I've just found your beautiful blog and was very, very pleased to see mine on your blog list.

I love your theme week... Recently, I've been feeling so uninspired and stopped blogging for a while but I've started a new thing where I go on inspiration days and take time out of being a mum and go and hang out by myself. It's awesome. I like it when inspiration comes in unexpected places; you see one or two things that link back to something you liked before and suddenly an idea hits!

Wow. I'm rambling. sorry.
nice to 'meet' you. I'm your newest follower so I'll definitely be back to see your other themes.
Have a lovey weekend.
x x x

Beautiful dreamy collection, so soft and soothing!

beautiful images you chose. something so calming about them

What a beautifully inspiring week of post Kathryn, so delicate and beautiful. I adore these tones along with the sepia hues of faded leaves and petals. Some of my favourite hydrangea shots are those where the petals are beige and yet they still appear so soft.
Fabulous week of posts!

hi... I'm back.. I've been thinking abou your blog so much. It's so beautiful over here. I hope you don't mind but I loved the idea of themed weeks so much that I've themed this week on my blog...

Anna x

Picture 6 is my favourite, especially the moment of her golden hair bounces up the air, very light and beautiful :)

Gorgeous collection dear!!! :) x

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