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November 16, 2010


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It looks like a calm and serene place to be. I love the idea of the crystals. I feel so happy whenever I see a rainbow, maybe I should invest in some and see them more often :) Oh and by the way, where is the beautiful rug from in the last picture. It is rather beautiful. Lot's of love L & R#

Oh and by the way I also want to say what a great find the new curtains are! You find the best things. I know they are not polka dot's but they look similar to them and it gives then a Cath Kidston feel :)

Hi Louise
Thank you honey, I'm glad you like it
The rug I've had quite some time, it was from The White Company.
I'm not sure they still have them now. I did see one similar somewhere else so if I come across it again I'll let you know. They are v inexpensive as they are just cotton.
Love kat xx

Thank you Kat, your too kind. Have a peaceful day xxx

I love the photos of your little sitting room/craft area. It must be wonderful to sit in the sunshine with the rainbows falling around you on everything. The photos give a such a sense of calm and peace. It looks like you've created a well deserved sanctuary for yourself.

pretty! thanks for sharing!

Oh, Kat, I love it all! And it is fun getting to see you!

See me? I'm waving 'Hi' to you from the top of the Colorado mountains! :)

Wishing you a happy day,

Great to hear you are feeling well at the moment. It is always great to see a blogger's space and yours looks so calming and relaxing. I love rooms like that which have beautiful light.
Hope the rest of your week is fab.

it definitely is the little things. i love this room. and oh how i smiled when you mentioned pierrot - i was obsessed! i had the curtains & the duvet :-) you look lovely kat xx

Thanks Anna.

And waving back Zuzu hope you can see me when you're up on those mountains it's such a long way from here :)

Cassie thanks hun, this was a day I felt bit better yes.

Paula, so funny to think we both had the same type of curtains all that time ago. My Grandma is to thank for mine. We couldn't have afforded to get them new then, but she found a pair somehow in a market or nearly new shop. I was over the
moon. :)
Kat x

Kat, this post is so special! I LOVE seeing bloggers homes and because we have such a nice connection this post is extra special to me :)

I love to see that you have rainbow crystals in the windows, they're just such a pretty way to bring some sparkle into a room.

Also, love those curtains, they were a great find. I think we really have a similar style.

Those photos of you as a child are so sweet, I love the idea of blogging about childhood bedrooms :)

Oh I wrote a great big comment for you Kat, but I'm not sure it went through properly! If it didn't let me know and I'll post another one, I love this post!!

Dearest Kat, How wonderful to see your special space – it looks so cozy and comfortable and peaceful. I have crystals in some of our windows, too, and the rainbows always delight me. How fitting that you should have them dancing over you in the sunshine! Mostly I'm happy to hear that you have been feeling better – that's the best news. love, – g

Oh Kat, it's a beautiful space, I can see why you love it so much. So pretty and girly, just like you.

Lots of love,
Nat. xx

Kat your place is so beautiful, pretty and calm, makes me want to have a revamp of my flat, its getting a little shabby.

Oh, Kat....what a sweet & lovely room! Both, now & when you were little. How great that you have photos of it when you were small too and that is so cool that your dad made that bed for you. Thanks for sharing this hun and hope you have a wonderful & happy holiday.

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