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January 20, 2011


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hi lovely friend :) i am sorry you not feeling well. i am here for you, and saying prayers of healing, that soon you will be back up and around and feeling better. you are loved...

Dear Kat, Wishing you strength and energy and that you feel much, much better tomorrow and from here on. I want you to have a super birthday on Saturday!

I love your pinterest board – I get lost in it! Oh, I just noticed one of my images up there – thank you for sharing it, dear. lots of love from all in Seattle. xo – g

I love these piccies.

Be kind to yourself and Happy birthday for Sunday!

hope you rest up and feel fantastic soon! :)

Have a lovely birthday and I hope you feel better soon :)

Katie xox

Kat - sorry to hear u r feeling so bad at the moment - u have such a beautiful heart that deserves to shine.....i hope the much needed rest will bring both your body & spirits back up. Take care - am sending lots of kisses & hugs your way!! xxx

I hope you feel better soon! xx

Gorgeous photos as always, I enjoy you blog so much!
I follow your wonderful Tumblr. blog too.
Take care,

Oh Kathryn, I do hope you will be feeling better soon and that you will be able to fly and dance like the butterflies do, but they also have to have some time to rest. I found a butterfly just the other day sitting on a blade of grass stretching her wings and just looking around!!!

Happy birthday for Sunday, I hope you have delightful day filled with surprises my friend. xxx

I'm sorry you're not doing well. :( *hugs* I hope you get better soon! And happy early birthday! :)

Oh sweetie, I hope you're well soon and able to enjoy your birthday to the hilt on Sunday! You'll certainly be in my thoughts. Feel better soon!

Sending you thoughts of strength and huge birthday wishes. I hope you get to enjoy your special day.

Happy Birthday Kat!! Hope you have a beautiful day and get better soon.
Big Hugs,

darling kat,
Please know the sparkle of light you are and that you can share comfort at my blog or email if you need to talk. You are not alone. Blessings.

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