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January 11, 2011


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I have been so delighted to have visited your site today, to be inspired and see such enchanting images.
So many thing I adore you have here in this special space you have created.
I found a butterfly on the grass outside yesterday it was such a gift and joy to sit and watch it fluttering its wings.

Have a glorious day filled with many delights. xxx

Every time I visit I am just so inspired by your beautiful photographs! Keep inspiring luv!

What a beautiful "dream house" Kat - i love the slip top in the window - such a beautiful picture. They are all so gorgeous.Thanks for the inspiration..xx

what an absolutely gorgeous mosiac you have created and shared! so beautiful! I could just stare at for hours!! i love the soft, muted colors with the hint of pink. so pretty!

I think I could lose entire days or even weeks getting lost in the most amazing images on both Flickr and Pinterest. You chose some absolute beauties here Kat, they are gorgeous.

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