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March 24, 2011


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thank toy so much for share this.

Very lovely and adorable. Love the box with the collage!
Ingrid xx

It is always nice to come to visit your lovely blog and specially this post is very inspiring,

I believe in dreams too ;-)
I wish all nice vibs for you

Dear Kat, As always, you write with such perception and compassion and I'm so happy about the post that Holly wrote. You are such a special being, honey. Right now I have the gorgeous collage you sent me right on my desk and I love its beauty and charm every single day. I think this is one of my very favorite of your posts. I know your dreams will come true, for you believe and you deserve them so much. Love across the miles, – g

kat this is such a beautiful, beautiful post - i popped over to Holly's blog to see what she had written & had goose bumps reading how she had discovered your little present, which is so gorgeous by the way....i can soo relate to your words right now - am finding after such a long time my heart is directing me on a little journey to remind me of the things that make my heart sing...& as i stop, slow down & listen beautiful little discoveries are coming my way...hope u were able to rest up

this is so, so beautiful and lovely and inspiring. <3 i'm glad that you found my blog and commented on it and in turn, i found yours! (: you have such a happy, summery vibe around on your blog and i really love it. <3 xx

Absolutely beautiful! So wonderful to 'meet' you here in your beautiful blog. Have a wonderful weekend XOL

Ingrid and Naomi thank you for the lovely comment.
Glad to have your company.

Georgianna, thank you honey, you are a treasure, and I'm So pleased you think it's a good post as it was written from the heart and is very dear to me. Just like you!

Kat x

Julie, yes stopping slowing down and little discoveries come our way from our heart guidance, so lovely to know you follow the same path.
I love it when we can converse with others within posts about these things.
Speak soon J

Thank you for visiting me Tasha, and for your lovely comment
And Happy homemaker thanks and very same to you too

Kat x

Beautiful as always. You're a wise thing K!

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