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March 22, 2011


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What a lovely review!!! It is a beautiful book.

It looks lovely, Kat! Next time I'm in the city, I'll look for it! :)

Thank you Leslie I really appreciate your comment.

And thank you too Zuzu, i forget for certain if you're in Canada, because it is out there, but not out in the States yet.

Love Kat x

There are soooo lovely books in english (incl. us and aussie) Some of them are translatet into german... but they loose some... style... I think... Yes they do. So hooray for amazon, and thanks for sharing your impressions.

XOXO Kerstin

Can't wait to get a copy! Great review, thanks for the look inside.

what a gorgeous book Kat - i love the quote,
"your home should tell the story of who you are"...looks like a great selection of endless inspiration..enjoy. xxx

You gave such a good review I went straight over to Amazon to have a peek. I love the way some of the photos have little map layouts of the rooms. It looks so beautifully produced. Not something I'd normally think of buying, but I'm really tempted! x

I just got my copy today and I am thrilled, it is even better than I had hoped!!!

I'm looking forward to getting a copy of this - thanks for the little sneak peek! :)

What a beautiful written and insightful review, Kat! Thank you so much! And for all the wonderful photos. Copies should be available here at Anthropologie in a couple of days!! love, – g

What a gorgeous review! I cannot wait to have a copy in my hands, to curl up on the couch with a cup of tea and savour it all. There is nothing like curling up with an inspiring interior design book, and Holly's looks like it will be a real treat.

Nice post, this looks interesting, I really want to read it. Thanks for sharing.

What a lovely book and charming review!
Thank you, Kat;)
Now I wish I could have my own version.
Lots of love and joy for a springtime!

Thank you everyone for your warm words.
I'm so glad you enjoyed the review and sneak peek at some pages.
It's just a taste of what is a brilliant book.
Im glad so many of you will also be getting a copy. :)
Kat x

Thank you Kat for your beautiful review my dear!!

Hi Kathryn,
What a lovely review! I also got my copy the other day and I am still reading it.
I found the link to your blog on Holly's blog. Very glad I did! Your blog is lovely! I will be back!
Ingrid xx

I'm trying hard not to absorb too much from the photos until I get my hands on my very own, but I do love what I'm seeing! =) It's like a love letter to Decor8 readers. I can't wait!

Thank you Holly, your words always mean Alot to me :)
Kat x

Ingrid, hi, always nice to hear someone new has found my blog and left having enjoyed it. Hope you visit again and I shall be dropping by your blog too, nice that you're also in the Uk
Kat x

A love letter to decor8 readers indeed!
You're gona Love it with a capital L honey
Hope all is well with you
Kat x

Wow, I'm really jealeous of your beautiful bookshelf with books I want to read!

Your review makes me curious about the book! xx

Thanks for sharing Kat! I love Holly's blog and will be ordering her book soon.

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