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May 23, 2011


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Your Dad did a beautiful job - it looks cheerful & comfy! :)
Hugs for both you and Whisper!
~ Zuzu

Beautiful little space and love the furniture in it. Love what you are wearing too. x

Kat, I think I saw the first photograph on flickr a few days ago while I was talking to D - I loved it so much that I had to show him immediately :) Your dad did such a fantastic job, super impressive! It looks like a beautiful place to spend some time.

Oh and happy belated birthday, Kat's dad!

I love the Gary video~ I think I will try to post it sometime, too! It is just what people need to hear. Thanks for the visions of beauty and peace. I send you such healing of the heart for your condition. I believe in your light, friend.

hi kat - that garden shed is would be so lovely sitting in there sipping tea!! - happy belated birthday to your dad..hope u r well. xxx

Och Kathryn the posh shed is smashing ,your Dad is very clever.Hope you get to enjoy it as much as possible xx

Hello, dear Kathryn! First of all, Happy Birthday to your Dad. I hope he had a wonderful day! And the garden retreat is FANTASTIC! He did such a terrific job – beautifully crafted and finished. And a lovely place for you to venture out to. Thank you so much for sharing. love, – g

Fantastic shed - but it's much more than a shed, it's beautiful.

Thanks everyone. Great to hear from you about the shed. :)

Amy thank you for those healing vibes - v kind of you

Penelope welcome to Secrets, thanks for your sweet words

Love Kat

looks great. A lovely story, Kat :)

fantastic shed and fabulous furniture x

It looks lovely! I know how much pleasure I get from ours & I hope you do too xxx

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