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May 05, 2011


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how perfect!
i would love to enter and i have also done a shoutout on facebook for you darling girl,



facebooked the giveaway x

Congratulations on turning four!! :)

Kathryn congratulations to you on reaching 4 years of beautiful blogging!! You've created such a peaceful space here over the years, and I hope you know you're one of the people who inspired me to start blogging myself :) I didn't know you had the google follower widget on your blog before, so I just added myself to your followers! So please count me in for this gorgeous giveaway xxx

love the blog - just recently discovered it

Wow! Happy anniversary! ^_^ I just love your blog to pieces! It has a really calm, peaceful feeling to it and that's why I keep coming back! :D

I would love to enter for number 5, please.



wow. four years in blogging is a long time! congratulations.

I would love to win set 3 for George's new room when we move next month.

I left a post on my Tumblr about it. ^_^

Wow Kat, amazing. Congratulations, what an achievement! xx

4 years? I can barely post past 4 months! I read your blog every single day, I especially love your perfectly pretty collages <3

I'm not sure if this is how to enter but here goes:
Char for number 2 please!

Congratulations Sweetie, it is quite an achievement and it's still a pleasure to come over here and (butter)fly through fairyland.
Set 2 is my favourite.


and shared it on facebook


Love them all but number 3 is really lovely. But wouldn't be disappointed with any of them. Wow 4 years :)

Hello Kathryn!! What a wonderful giveaway !!! I love all the gifts so i can't choose!!! Whatever i win it would be nice!! Congratulations for your lovely blog and the wonderful things you share with us here!! Happy 4th anniversary and thank you and your talented friends for the chance to win such wonderful treasures!!!
Kisses to you sweet Butterfly! :o))

Hip Hip hooray!!!! I like them all, so I am in!

Oh, Kathryn, bravo you on making 4 years - just stunning. You've created such a lovely haven in Blogland here. And what a sweet giveaway, too! Crossing fingers in Australia. J x

hi kat - 4 years / that's amazing!! - secrets is such a beautiful place to visit, no wonder it has lasted so long.. (ruby & i love no. 2 / belle & boo girl)

Congratulations Kat! Time flies so fast - I can't believe it's four years already. I'm already signed up on Facebook and all the sets are so sweet but my favourite is set#4 from the Light Garden. Keeping my fingers crossed - the only thin I'v ever won is a blender and I'm not kidding!

Congratulations Kat!!

My goodness can it really be four years, I remember the early days of blog posts and Etsy all those years ago :)

Kindest wishes
Hazel x

wow, congratualtions Kat! 4 years is a reason to celebrate. It is a lovely idea to start a giveaway. I can't decide which of these five I like most... one and five are gorgeous and my favourites. Let's see if I'll be fortunate like laste time...

My favorite is set 5.

I introduced a friend to your site - I'll let her speak up when she is ready. I quite adore the "girl" and "boy" sets.

Congrats to your 4th year anniversary, Kat :D :D We can feel your love to your blog in this beautiful space here~ Many blessings and kisses to your coming years too!

p/s:I love Belle & Boo and The Light Garden artworks!! :) :)

Hugs & Muaks,
Yee Von

Congratulations on reaching your fourth birthday! A huge achievement. You spread a ray of light through Secrets. I'd love to enter for number 5 please :)

Hello Kathryn

I read your blog and it is like a spring in the middle of winter. Happy birthday , should I say?

I would like belle^boos pins for my baby boy ... Cross fingers...

Happy Birthday :)
I would love the enter please - everything is lovely :) but number 2 is my very favourite :)

Hello K, hope I'm not too late on this! I adore number five if I were lucky enough to win. Take care x

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