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May 29, 2011


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thanks for this beautifully reflective post dear kat. i took some time off this week from blogging to try to find myself again. to rebalance, to ask myself hard questions and to regroup after a very busy month. my body was telling me to slow down and i kept pushing myself and now Im in a place of complete forced shut down. but its good. i appreciate your reminder. i too have to read what i can when i can and you are right. the posts we need seem to find us when we need them. Like this one! Thank you!

You've put into words exactly how I feel K, it can be overwhelming at times, especially with the blogs that update every day. And each week I find new blogs that I want to add to my feed reader, so the burden gets bigger!

I've thought about this a lot, especially this past year when I had such little free time to browse my favourite online spaces. So I decided to only comment where I really had something to say! This doesn't mean that I don't like a blog post if I don't mean a comment - it means often I really enjoy what I'm seeing/reading but may not necessarily have something solid to contribute, so instead I wait until I have something I'd really like to say and leave a comment then. That way I can happily spend some time browsing, but without putting pressure on myself to leave a "well done" type comment on every post I read.

I also hope that other blogger friends understand this predicament and don't get upset if I don't comment on all of their posts. I know that we all lead busy lives and vist many, many blogs during the week and it's impossible to keep up with everything - so I don't feel upset if friends don't comment, I know they'll stop by and say hello when they get a chance :)

Ah, Kat. This is just so true. I love your reflectiveness - it's always so spot on.

I am planning to have a blogcation soon and will retake the tiller of my ship in this digital world. I am following too many blogs, have subscribed to too many newsletters and companies which email me all the time and it's making blogging feel like a chore, rather than a pleasure.

Bravo you for taking action. I hope you enjoy your pretty little haven a bit more now. And thanks for keeping me in your 'Blog link' list - you were one of the very first supporters of my blog to do that and I'll never forget your kindness.

J x

I blog almost every day, but I do that primarily because I like it. And I feel it is perfectly ok if people do not read everyday. Blogging and mingling in the blogworld should be fun and should not feel as a burden. I hope other people feel so too and that we don't make each other feel guilty for not posting or commenting.
x Iris

Heather, i'm glad my words were reflecting on things you also deal with and that you found them because you were meant to. that is all i hope for when i post. balance is so important at whatever level of health we have isnt it. take care now hun, Kat x


im so glad you found my thoughts echoe youre own, and thanks for the comment as it meant i felt my post was worth sharing with everyone.
i know what you mean, i tend to comment a little less these days but maybe when i comment i have more to say.
sometimes its easier to browse without feeling we have to leave comments all the time.
and i know i bump into people in other places online anyway so we are still in touch with everyone :) and they probably are feeling the same as us

love kat x

Jane, thank you for your sweet words.
I always appreciate your comments. It helps alot to hear feedback when i have shared personal thoughts, to know that they resonated with you.
I remembered how i felt when as a new blogger, i was listed on others blogs i liked and was met with such kindness and so when i chose to list yours, it was a 'pay it forward' as well as the fact that i liked your place of course :)
kat x

Hi Iris, thanks for stopping by, and oh yes i agree, it should be a pleasure and never a burden in the blog world. Kat x

hi kat - what a thoughtful post (i am having trouble with blogger of late, unable to leave comments randomly or turning me into "miss anonymous", perhaps its a sign to slow down!!) - i look at my blog as a personal little diary or space to collect the things within my heart...meeting amazing people (like u) is such an added bonus...people understand when life gets too busy or too hard to visit or comment for a is definitely so easy to get caught up, but it should be a fun place to grow &

Dearest Kat, You've expressed this dilemma so gracefully and thoughtfully, as always. Blogging and social networking cannot become a burden or it is self defeating. I'm a fine one to talk as I put tremendous pressure on myself to keep up. But that is not correct, either. I think we all understand the situation and all care most that our fellow blogging friends feel comfortable and relaxed in communication without pressure.

Wishing you sunny days, dear. xo

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