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June 30, 2011


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Hugs from someone also following the trail of breadcrumbs :)

Dear Kathryn,

I found your blog a week or so ago and I go through your posts slowly now, savouring your every word of wisdom, of love and compassion and admiring your courage in that you share your struggles, your joys and victories with us. In the last week you have become my inspiration and my role-model - the greatest one besides my parents. I too have ME and have been bed-ridden for 8 years now. I have so very little energy that most of the days even thinking is too exhausting and all I can do is lie in bed and be mindful of my breathing and be in the present moment. Unfortunately, I cannot write more, I just want you to know, I'm thinking of you and I wish you all the success on your healing journey. A big hug, Tanja

K it's the pieces you write like this one that make me keep coming back to read your blog. I love the inspiration and the beautiful photos, the little things you notice that others pass by because they don't stop and look but it's your outlook and philosophy that I really find inspiring. Thank you for keeping this. xx

Maggie, thank you and keep following those breadcrumbs honey. xx

thank you so much for your comment, it really helped me to hear that.
thanks for taking the time to let me know i appreciate it lots

kat x

Dear Tanja,
i am so glad to hear from you, i know just what you are going through, and i know how much it will have taken you to write this message - so thank you & big hugs back and i am so touched that you have found such hope here. its messages like yours that encourage me on my blog and enable me to feel what i share is making a difference.
sending healing wishes on your journey and keep in touch when you can, love Kat xox

Big hugs to you Kat. There are no words to describe the life of someone with a chronic illness. You do an outstanding job at being positive and moving forward with your life in a beautiful, gracious way. Love to you.

Thank you for your supportive words Steph, hope you're doing as well as can be with your treatment this week
Love to you too
Kat x

Thank you for being so transparent. I find that blogging can be inspirational but also I want to be truthful even in hard times. I love writing and reading from the cuff. That's when you really get to know the blogger.

Dearest Kathryn, I can't thank you enough for sharing so openly your thoughts, struggles and ultimately your deep wisdom. Absolutely what you do makes a huge difference. You're so sweet and caring and brave, speaking the truth, from your heart.

Sending you a big hug across the sea. And one day perhaps it will be in person.

love, – g

hello beautiful kat - this was such a gorgeous post....u r such an inspiration & u know how much i love it when u write from your beautiful heart...thank u for u lots gorgeous girl.... xxx J

Hi Kat, I so love your words, they are incredibly comforting. I myself am going through difficult times right now but reading your post felt like a warm and familiar whisper of hope and well being. Please keep writing, jen xxx

Often days or even weeks go past before I get to read your posts, but for some reason I was drawn to this one straight away. What a beautiful piece of writing. You have summed everything up so eloquently - expressing both the positive aspects of your life along with the more painful reality. It takes bravery to be honest, especially to share photos like these, but it is so important. Thank you for all you have written, for your insight and compassion. You started by saying that one reason you blog is to inspire others. You most certainly do that. I have found this one of your most inspiring posts yet. Love u lots xxx

Keishua, yes that's very true - I like to read honest reflective posts, you do learn more about a blogger that way. Thank you for your comment honey.

Georgi, I feel your warmth and hug & a big thank you for your words, they comfort me and strengthen me, it's so good to feel my sharing is valued. I always hope it is, but to hear it is, well that just means SO very much to my heart. xx and yes definately a hug in person - ONE day!!

Julie, treasure as always thank you for caring and for supporting me, we shall have to meet somehow someday too! Lots of love to you and ruby xxx
Nic & Angelo left :(

Naomi, I read your comment late last night and had a few tears because what you said really was so full of compassion. And I know that you know what its like - so to have your praise in my piece means a great great deal to me. I'm so glad that you read it quicker than you normally can and appreciate your commenting.
You are brave & inspiring and I'm just really touched that my writing touches your heart. Your comment & others here,truly are of help to me, in writing more like this
Lots of love k xxx

Dear Jen
Thank you for your words, I really appreciate that - such a nice thing to think of whispers of hope and wellbeing. I'm glad to know they comforted you in a time of difficulty & I wish you well hun
Love Kat xx

Bless you, Kathryn. Thank you for your beautiful heart and beautiful words. You will never know how much your words comforted me.

Oh, Kathryn! You darling girl! Thankyou so much for taking us into your confidence and sharing such personal insights into your life. You are a treasure. I am sure this post will provide succour to many who also suffer from chronic pain conditions.

I have had a chronic pain condition for many years, had two periods of major depression and am two years into post-natal depression, just starting to come out the other side (and have 3 children under 6). So I relate to many of your thoughts and insights into how to navigate through this period of your life.

Being compassionate or kind to myself is one of my biggest and eternal challenges. But as hard as the path is to walk, and no matter how many detours it takes, I am certain it will all be worth it in the end. The compassion for others and insight one acquires along the way are blessings, the good things to come out of such long-standing pain.

Sending you a huge Hobart, Australia ♥ tonight, Sweetie. Take care of you. J x

K, you are an inspiration. You should be so proud of what you have acheived. your blog is one of my very favourites and i love every single one of your posts. you are such a beautiful and caring person and i amso glad to have you as a friend

K xx

Thanks you for this post..I too do not get on here frequently, but happened here upon this post. Thank you, It felt like you were echoing the same sentiments and feelings that I try to hold onto, but at times is not so easy. You expressed in words, what I often cannot. I know something of where you are coming from.. Let your heart continue to show you the way..


Dearest Kathryn, as other commenters have said, you are truly an inspiration to all of us. Your natural urge to find all that is good in your life, despite all the tough experiences you have, is just beautiful and invigorating to people like me who sometimes forget how good life is. Surrendering control is a lesson I am learning lately and I'm glad to read about it here and see how it has helped you on your own journey. I'm a bit ill this morning, so my brain wont function properly to tell you how this post made me feel but I want you to know that you are an endless inspiration to me, your blog with the loving energy that flows from it will always be one of my very favourite places to visit. Thank you for sharing some of the lessons that you have learned xxx

what a post kat. i don't think anyone can truly understand what you go through unless they deal with the same illness. i realised over christmas when my dad was ill, that nobody grasps what you go through until you experience it for yourself. i can understand that you want your place in the outside world and yet that comes with it's own problems too. the internet is a haven for me too, i love to experience other people's lives through their blogs, it is a great gift to us all i think. i'm pleased you posted this, it does help towards me understanding. xxx

Keri-Anne, thank you darling, I am SO touched by your lovely message. I too am so glad we have become friends. Elle & Mia have one very special mummy that's for sure :)) Kat xoxo

Dear Won, thank you for letting me know that the post made such a difference in your world that means a lot - wishing you well
Kat x o x

Dear Jane,
Thank you for your compassion and care darling.
You are spot on with the fact that we gain such insights when we are going through prolonged times of difficulty & are better able to relate to others on similar paths I think.
I am very sorry to hear of your own suffering and wish you well on your journey through it to an easier time ahead.
3 children under 6! Gosh that is such a task & also achievement!
be gentle with you, hug back across the waves
Kat xox

Hi hunni, and thanks to you :) I kno you'll relate and glad you understood what I put into words here. Take care & follow your brave heart
Love Kat xoxo

Aw you are so very kind. I am so taken with the idea that you feel love flowing from my blog when you visit - that cheers me so.
I use looking for the good, to sustain me, to stop me becoming too overwhelmed in pain or sadness.
I pass it on if I can, because I feel I then receive more to nourish me and then in turn share again. The big circle of life & energy I guess :)
Thank you for being an important part of my circle and a true friend
Your words inspire me Tons, on my journey
Love Kat xoxo

Hi Paula
It helps me to know that sharing like this, gives my friends a true insight into my path & like you say then means they better understand me.
You're right we can't understand entirely what others are going through, even in the same condition or similar circumstances we are all so unique in how it affects us.
Maybe though going through something challenging and having to draw on our heart and stay strong, makes us better able to empathise with others in difficulty.

A great gift has been connecting with people like yourself whom have been so warm and kind to me.
So glad to have your friendship & thank you for your lovely comment here
Kat xoxo

Kathryn, my heart goes out to you for all that you have to endure, but as I was reading this, I also felt a huge sense of relief - you 'get it''s really all about perspective and the lens we choose to see our world through...I feel so sorry for the people that choose to always see the negative and to have a 'victim mentality'. What's the point in that? They will never know true happiness. Thankyou so much for sharing - you look very beautiful lying in your bed...and I am sending big hugs to you across the ocean xxx

Hello dear friend! I'm just now reading this after the long weekend here.

I treasure our friendship so much and I talk about you to my family and friends as if we've met a million times. =) "My friend Kat has this strawberry tea cup. My friend Kat has those flowers in her garden. My friend Kat has the coolest way to explain LOST." =)

Isn't it amazing how even though physically you might not be able to travel very far right now, you can be here, in the U.S. in my circle of folks because of the internet and because of your open heart allowing us to be the friends we are.

I love that.

So, maybe your illness has taken away so many things, but maybe it has replaced it with other things. I hope someday all that is gone will be returned as well.

Giant hugs to you. =)

Dear Kat, you are beautiful and brave, and your spirit shines so brightly through your words and images that you share on your blog. I'm so inspired by your strength, positivity and wisdom!! You are a very special lady. take care, Wini xo

Just a thank you for your lovely words and yes definately a big part of life is about how you choose to see it isn't it. Whether that enriches you or depletes you. Thank you for the hugs and your kindness to me
Kat xox

Thank you sweetie, it's made today feel a good day to hear from you & how kind you were.I'm so touched that I'm a part of your life all that way away! You are so busy with G and everything that it is extra meaningful that you find time to mention me to your friends there & it's so cool that in a way I'm part of your American life. 
You are part of mine here in England too. I often chat about you to friends and family here :)
I like how you put "I hope one day all that is gone will return as well" that's a lovely lovely way to say it.
Hugs Kat xxx

Thank you hunni, I really appreciate your words and that's really kind of you to say that, it certainly boosts my spirits & encourages me to continue sharing at Secrets
Love to you, Kat x

Hi Kat, I'm just catching up on posts and thank you for this one so very much. I needed to hear these very words at this very moment - you have no idea what a blessings they are to me right now. You're such a beautiful light and I have so much admiration for you.

Angel Hugs,

I'm late to reply, but I wanted to add my love. This little comment wants to sit with you quietly and hold your hand, then maybe share some tea and cake.

This post will give more people strength than you can ever imagine xx

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