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July 22, 2011


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Dear Kat, sorry to hear your July hasn't gone so well. Those pictures on your post are so beautiful, I hope they lifted your spirit posting them the way they lifted mine just looking at them. Have found out recently that my lovely mum is ill and will need major surgery soon. I hope, no... I KNOW that the Universe will listen to the both of us and ALL WILL BE WELL. Keep your chin up Butterfly girl. Love Jen xxx

lovely photos as always, I love the sparklers and the woman & baby.
Your poem is also just so beautiful, thank you.
sending you lots of good vibes and magical wishes!

Dear, Kat, I know how you feel but despite you and me :) having been ill for so long, I'm still a believer. Please stay strong, things will improve. I'm thinking of you but unfortunately cannot reply to your email as I've been so terribly exhausted lately. Sending you healing wishes across the sea.

beautiful kat - i was sitting here tonight putting together a little list of gifts to make to send your way & thought i'd jump on to see what's happening in your world today...when i saw this beautiful heartfelt post - i thought perhaps it was the universe already working it's magic & telling me u were in need of love & pampering at the moment...i love your pics of wishes & dreams hon & definitely believe in the strength of visualising the life u want....i hope your strength & spirits pick up soon beautiful girl because u r too precious to be down...sending u lot's of hugs & kisses across the sea...xxxxx oooooo

A very moving post. I hope your dreams come true soon. You deserve it xxx

Oh Kat, I didn't know. I have been having a tough July also so not as attentive as usual :( I wish you all the love and wishes you need and more my dear friend. You are sunshine and sparkle to me and I hope you can find that in yourself again! Love to you and a million hugs xxx

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