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August 30, 2011


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hello beautiful kat - thanks for including me in your sweet little u know i am a bit of a tumblr addict.....i do need to upload more of my own photos, but the inspiration i find there, just makes my heart

I've heard of Tumblr, but haven't explored it yet. Thanks for the recommendation!

I've signed up to Tumblr but haven't got around to working out how to use it yet.

Looking forward to having a look at your suggestions and playing around with it. :-)

Just checked out your tumblr and followed!

I cannot resist Tumblr! As much as I love Pinterest for its organisation, I love Tumblr for its un-organisation! I love looking at my archive full of pretty pictures and have now been on there for two years and adore it just as much as I did when I started.

PS: I also meant to mention that the Tumblr bookmarklet similar to the Pinterest one really helps with posting pictures. Find it here - if you don't have it already. xx

this post is timely because I'm thinking of starting a tumblr. these are a lovely collection of tumblrs.

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