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September 08, 2011


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Hi Kathryn! I've been following your blog for quite a while and have to thank you for being such a special person and for cramming more pastel into a blog than anyone can imagine! I especially love the quote 'I am enough' in this post. As soon as I read it it struck a chord and I wrote it on my hand as I do all things I think should focus on throughout the day. (if I leave the planet before my time it will be due to ink poisoning!) Have you heard Alanis Morrisette's song 'That I would be good' ? I think it relates to this sentiment. Anyway hope I haven't bored you and that you are well. All the best, Nadya

hun you've picked real treasures here. I love every single item esp the shawl which is stunning.

The shawl is beautiful!

I was so touched by your comment today - thank you hun.
The ink poisoning bit made me smile :)
Yes I am enough is definitely something I think we all need written in a place we can see it.
You certainly didn't bore me. I hope to hear from you again here.
And I haven't heard the song but shall look it up soon
Take care love kat x

Dena, glad you like it too :)

Oh yes please do share your Etsy finds! Etsy is indeed a treasure trove but there can be so much material to get lost it's nice when someone shares something specific or particular finds! ~Melissa

hi kat - i am so in love with that beautiful shawl - i had already spotted it this week on your "favourites at etsy" on the sidebar & fell instantly in love.... i also love that little plate - such simple, precious words that we probably don't use often enough & that ittle heart garland is just so sweet. thanks for sharing your treasures. xxx

The scarf is exquisite! I love the colour and how delicate it is! I could seriously own one of those....wonderful choice!

Fabulous finds Kat! I love Etsy and I swear I could lose an entire day (at least)just browsing from one delight to another.

That shawl is so pretty and the colour is beautiful too xx

Such lovely things!

Hi Kat,
I just wish I had more time to keep up up with your amazing blog and lovely Etsy finds.
I love your taste and style and talent for finding so many beautiful images and link which you put together with such creativity in your blog posts.
When I look at your pages I am inspired, however putting the inspiration into action is something I seem to be lacking on my own blog these days!
I may not comment very often, but I do look in on a regular basis and admire the work and dedication that you share with us.
Hazel xx

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