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October 28, 2011


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Beautiful images. I don't know if I've missed them but I don't remember seeing any pictures from around your home. I think you should definitely photograph your own styling because you have an eye for all things delightful!

Love all of these photos you shared here today, Kat! I also visit flickr for inspiration - one of my most favorite sites.
Hope all is happy at your house and that you have a wonderful weekend!

Well said dear. I have been addicted to pinterest of late but have been missing flickr for the same reasons. You articulated it wonderfully. x

such beautiful inspiration kat - holly's pics r just gorgeous - thanks for sharing. xxx

What a beautiful post! Everything Holly does is so tasteful, and your blog is awesome too!

What a beautiful find. I've been leaning towards Pinterest, but you have some really good arguments about Flickr. I'll be sure to turn there for inspiration. Lovely post by the way. XO Mirjam

Such beautiful , inspirational pictures Hun, and you write a great argument for both mediums.
I have had my pinterest acount for over a year now and barely use.
I just find it so clunky to navigate, and ( this may have changed?) very glitchy when uploading photos, just used to contasntly crash.
Am off to have another go now and go looking for you too lovely freind :))

I've been using pinterest a lot recently too but find it less creative. Most people seem to repin others work rather than share their own. But flickr has the edge for me when it comes to beautiful images and seeing somebody's work in context. But I wish they did a better job of showing some of the hidden gems on flickr. Perhaps their new android app which uploads pics and has a range of filters like Instagram will help. A lovely post hun. Wherever you find your images they're always beautiful collections. xx

Like icklebabe, I have always wanted to join Pinterest but find it confusing. Great post and you know I love Holly :)

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