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November 09, 2011


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I love your blog as it is. If I want to look close up I will click on the picture and get the full page version. Maybe if it is playing on your mind you could put a link underneath 'See larger version' just to remind people? I love all the boxes on the side. It is my favorite to browse through so I am sure it would be the ssame for others.

I don't expect a reply on the blog :)

oh oh and wuthering heights penguin classics!!!!!! Yes please. Also I love the sandstone style blue pendant. gorgeous finds as always dear.

I hope 11/11/11 passes for you with minimal stress. love & peace xxxxx

Love your collections, saw an Odds and Suds gift box today, so pretty! And when I click on the image it is a perfect size.

If you fancied a change, could you keep your pretty banners and put the categories and links across the top in drop down sections similar to mine?

I know what you mean about comments, when I do leave them I rarely check back, and when I reply over at mine I wonder too? :)

So busy flitting all over the net, I sometimes think I should slow down and properly connect

Happy Wednesday sweet Kat xxxx

hi beautiful girl - i love your blog just as it is (such a magical place to visit)- with the comments i do reply when i can, but not always (depending on whats going on in my busy little world) & i am sure people understand when u don't reply all the time. - hope u have a beautiful day on the 11/11/11. xxx (have sent u an email sweets.)

Hi Kat,

You might be able to increase the size of your middle column using HTML without losing your two sidebars... you could do a search on the web for it. I love your blog layout and the colors you use - well, actually, I love all of it. :)

Oh, and I rarely go back to read comments at the blogs that I've left a comment with.

LOVE your wintery finds. Wishing you joy, Kat!
~ Zuzu

Your posts are always so inspiring! I added you to my blogroll :) I find they are perfect the way they are, the detail is just as crisp. I find it rather peculiar that the first post I visit today speaks of 11.11.11 it has been such a meaningful number in my life!

Dear Kat,
I have no practical advice about the style of your blog [I'm rubbish with things like that anyway but other people are so clever!] but I do love it and everything it stands for. I will always click in for a few moments of serenity; which you create not only with your beautiful pictures but also your exquisitely composed words.
I know what you mean about the significance of todays date, I feel it too.
With all good wishes honey, love Jen

Hello! I think your blog content and design are lovely and I come here sometimes.

90% of the time I dont expect people to reply to my comments, but all depends on the subject of the post and of the blog.

If you feel inspired or if the comment has raised some thought, there is nothing wrong to give a reply, cause I think it is your space in the web.

Wish you all nice things!

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