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January 05, 2012


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Oh Kat, i had no idea about your little house! How exciting for you. I am truly happy you have that beautful haven for youself in your future. I will be praying that you wil lbe well enough so so soon to move in and have your own place xxx

So lovely to share the highlights of your year, Kat. It's good to look back and see that you've accomplished more than you thought, maybe. I mean, the house project would be a lot for anyone to take on – I'm so excited about it though! It will be a lot of fun!

Wishing you a happy first week of the year, dear. xo

so gorgeous kat - thanks for sharing your beautiful world...the ups & the downs - here's hoping u will be looking back this time next year at a year full of strength, love & dreams fulfilled. xxx

Hi Kat. I recently discovered your blog and it is so beautiful. I am always amazed by people who create such lovely things. I am a North East girl too so I recognise many of the places you go. It is nice to find a local blogger. I have read some of your older posts and I am so sorry to hear of the struggles you have had with your health. I can't imagine how hard it has been. Reading your latest post really struck a chord with me because I have had a rough few years myself. I lost my lovely husband to cancer 2 years ago at the age of 39. We had just had a baby when my husband became ill and he died when our little one was just 11 months old. What you said about not realising how far you have come and thinking you could have done things better. I have felt like that so many times. I feel like I am missing out on life and beat myself up for not handling things better but as you say I too have survived so much over the last 3 years and I am still here and starting to heal. I hope there is much happiness ahead for both of us. Hang in there xxx

Kat I had no idea about your house project! I think it is so perfect that you have managed to buy next door to your wonderful family , that will make the dream so much more achievable. I have found out myself how important having loved ones close by is myself this past year .
I'm just hoping when my mum retires in April she will move closer to us too, it would be such a massive help.
I think you are so right about being stronger than u think too , it's only after we've been through a bad patch we really appreciate how far we've come I think.
This has been such a lovely post to read, it's great finding out more about your year xxxxxxxx

Hi Kat,
This is a beautiful post, and lovely to see highlighted snippets of your year.
I just want wanted to let you know that your blog led me into another world yesterday and today. I have been visiting all the blogs you love and have found such beautiful things!

I hope that this year ahead brings you closer to peace and joy in your creative blogging journey.

A lovely summary of your year. I know what you mean about it being easy to overlook one's achievements along the way. Be proud of yourself for coming through a difficult year, and for always sending out light and inspiration through Secrets. Wishing you a much better 2012. Lots of love xxx

Lovely Kat this post is beautiful!
It is so true that we tend not to celebrate what we have achieved, rather we look at how we could have done things better or differently.
Lets head into 2012 knowing that we have done the best we can, always, you are an inspiration and I will say it again that I am blessed to have you and your blog in my world.
Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly!
xx Lisa.

I'm looking forward to all of your post in this year.It's always a joy to visit here, I hope 2012 will be a wonderful year for you.
xx Mirjam.

I love to read this post. I always follow your blog but seldom to post comment, but this recap of your 2011's life is so inspiring. Love your progress and also adore your little summer house :)

What a lovely post Kat! Love seeing the pictures of you outside :). I love that you are gonna have a new home soon, can't wait to see how you decorate it! Hugs, Claire xxxx

Ohh! you still have those lovely bunnies! are the same from flickr? or new ones? xxx

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