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May 16, 2012


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hello sweetie,
firstly, thank you for popping over this evening to i was the sea.
you are so beautiful! your soul is the most beautiful i have ever come across and your blog is just one of my favourites!

you are such a big inspiration and i think everyone who reads your blog and visits your ig will see and know that too.



You are so very kind to me, I'm teary, overwhelmed.
But truthfully I feel your respect for my words, my situation and my
soul, I take them gratefully.
I see the same light in you, you are an amazing person to know and
to call a friend. And I just hope you realise how graceful, creative
and beautiful you are inside and out.
Kat xxx

Oh Kat, this is such a beautiful post, and so perfectly written. I am so thankful to have met you - you are gorgeous inside and out. xox

Thank you for sharing my post darling friend, love this!! xx

such a beautiful, honest post sweet Kat - u r such a treasure & an inspiration...your blog is always an amazing place to visit, for both your treasured finds & your beautiful writing straight from the heart - so lucky to have u in my life. xxx

Kat you have always been an authentic, inspiring and beautiful person. You give much of yourself by spreading your thoughts, hopes and inspirational posts and photos for us to read. Bless you, my Dear.

Dear Kat, I love reading your blog and the posts about u, ur feelings and life are the posts that interests me the most. Though your illness and other many tough things u are going through u always maintain to be a shining star with ur lovely person. U are an inspiration and u have a lovely soul. U should be proud of urself, u are beautiful both on inside and outside and u are full of love and so much kindness. ur blog is like a sunny garden on a rainy day! Never stop being honest and true, thats what we all love the most about u.


Mia xxx

I am so touched by your shinning words they are like a ray of sunshine
I always am uplifted by your words and pictures at instagram and it's a delight to have you comment here at Secrets too.
Thank you for taking the time to be so kind & thoughtful, it really helps me. Especially when I'm sharing openly from the heart. Having such feedback is wonderfully encouraging and inspiring.
I hope we shall keep in touch a long time
Love and light and flowers
Kat xox

Dear Tina
Thank you for saying that sweetie and for the blessing, I much appreciate it, I just say and wrote what I feel and hope it resonates. If it uplifts others it's such a big bonus too.
Bless you on your journey
Love and light kat x

Natasha and Julie
My two Sydney girls, ever close at heart
You are precious in my life too, like rare gems :)
Thank you SO SO much for caring and rooting for me
For always being there and for the Light you spread at your own blogs and into my life through them and through our friendships
I never dreamt I'd be gifted with such wonderful soul sisters
I'm very grateful. You inspire me so much
And thank you for letting me know my heart sharing does that for you too
Love you lots
Kat xxxx

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