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May 20, 2012


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This is such a great post with so many wonderful words and strategics to sort out things and issues that are deeply connected with blogging. I'm going to carry with me these words.

We are all different and we all deserve to be loved for who we are and not by what we do and accheive all the time. Learning to accept that your own accomplishment and work is good enough is really the best way to healthy blogging and something that solves a lot of other issues we are dealing with regularly in our life.

Thank you for writing about this Kate, it's so great to read it in words and know that I'm not the only one thinking about this.

Lots of love

Lisa Marie
Oh thank you for your lovely feedback, I wasn't sure of I had gone on a bit much ;) so to have your views on my piece has really helped.
You got what I was saying about how our feelings about our own or others blogs, must also reflect our feelings within in other areas of life too. So it all comes back to self acceptance and valuing ourselves I think doesn't it.
Much love kat x

I have sent you an email dear. You're post has been the extra validation I needed to bring clarity to my own path. A wonderful post and very well written xxx

Oh Louise thank you, I'm very happy to read your comment this morning.
As we all do I was concerned if it was what others would find they could relate to, so to hear you have is wonderful.
Love Kat x

Kat you are so REAL and I love you for that!
Its not wonder that we crossed paths, we share so many values and hopes.

Such a beautifully written post Kat - I think it is all too easy not just in the blogging world, but in everyday life to get caught up in the illusion of other peoples lives, beliefs or opinions & it is so important to remind yourself each & every day that it is ok to be u - that all the little things that make u whole & unique r special.
Take inspiration from the creative blogging world & be proud to tell your own story.
I really loved your words "being a listening ear to my hearts whispers" as that's what a blog should be for - the little whispers of our daily lives & unique creative spirits.
Loved this. xxx

Hi, lovely Kat!
My name is Luísa, i'm from Brazil.
I met your blog last year and now i always comeback here to see your news post.
I never posted a comment before, but this time i felt a huge desire to tell you that you are SO SWEET. Keep this way.
You are such beautiful just the way you are.
We adore you :-)))
Big kiss for you, a very special woman!

Thank you, that's so lovely of you.
I'm really glad to know you visit and that you have left a comment for the first time is so wonderful.
I truly appreciate your kindness and encouragement
Fairy wishes to you in Brazil!
Love & light
Kat x


I loved what you said and I know we resonate the same esp when it comes to sharing the creative whispers of our hearts in our blogs.
Your comment means so much to me, as I so value what you say and how kind you are. It is as you say very much Ok to be just you!
Love you, kat xox

Lisa, I think that too, you are a beautiful soul and your own writing is healing, I can tell it comes from such a heartfelt place.
Love kat x

Beautifully written K, as always. You achieve everything you aim to with your special blog. Love always xxx

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