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June 16, 2012


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My very favourite post of yours. You have such a beautiful soul. I know that if i was in you situation, i wouldnt be half as brave and positive as you have been/are being.

These pictures are just breathtakingly beautiful x

Keri-Anne, i dont know what to say
except your comment meant so much
I have shed a few tears, thank you darling
thank you. xxxx

Oh Kat ... you are just so beautiful, both inside and out. Even though I don't always get a chance to comment, I love to see your selfies on instagram. I always think - there is my gorgeous friend :) Sending you love and hugs. xox

PS. I love your dress! It looks perfect on you.

Dearest Kat, I must say, my thoughts were exactly like Keri-Anne's – this is my very favorite of your posts, one that touched me, as yours always do, but with an extra measure of beauty and grace and dignity and honestly. Such very beautiful portraits. So very you.

Thank you for trusting us to sure them.


- x

Dear Nat
Thank you Beautiful, I am really touched by your words.
You have such a kind and generous heart.
I really like seeing your instagram too :) sorry I've not been by your blog in awhile, I hope to be soon.
And that's so nice about the dress, it's a Kate Moss
for Topshop one that I got last summer but hadn't worn till now.
Love you, kat x

Thank you for such supportive words and heartfelt message
I truly appreciate it, you too are so kind and generous of spirit
A blessing to know and hear from you always dear friend
Kat xx

I absolutely love these pictures of you Kat and I so admire your honesty. You are brave beyond words and I look up to you in more ways than you will ever know xx

This was such a beautiful post of yours and you look lovely in the pictures. Your honesty and positive energy are so inspiring and light-filled. Wishing you love and healing as you continue to unfold.

Thank you so kindly for your heartfelt message
I really appreciate the support, and am heartened to know
that my words and photos feel light filled,
wishing you beautiful blessings on your path also
Kat x


Aw, sweets you have brought me to tears.
I only feel brave in ways that I feel i have had no choice but to be.
I feel so grateful for the compassion that you show me
both here in comments and through our friendship.
You are so kind to honour my journey in what you've said.
Thank you for being you sweetheart
Kat xox

Sweet Kat - this is definitely one of the most beautiful posts u have done...i adore those pictures of u...on their own they seem to tell a little story.....You have such a beautiful, brave heart...Love u xxx

Julie, thank you darling, really value your support and
your compassionate heart.
So glad you are a part of my life and that you liked this post.
Been losing my way a bit with what to share so your lovely comments
are wonderful to get esp at the moment
Love you lots, Kat xox

Kat you are beautiful - a beautiful soul both out and in. I love reading these posts, they are so moving.


Oh Kat, I don't know what to write you-all the lovely ladies took the words from me -I agree with everything they already written. You are a beautiful and brave woman, talented and kind and so genuine. I love the way you express yourself and write us, you let us take part of your inner feelings and secrets and I think everyone who reads your blog feel exactly like I do- you are a person to admire. I am so sorry that you have to suffer from this awful sickness and I can never understand how tough it must be. But always remember that we are so many people that cares for you and wish you nothing but happy and healthier days coming your way. I will enjoy your beautiful self-portraits even more now when I know how much they mean to you.

Lots of love

Thank you for your lovely comment sweetie
Your kindness had touched me so much
Love kat xox


Your comment is so amazingly kind and thoughtful
You have lifted my spirits tonight and I thank you.
It is a privilege to have people such as yourself read my words and then be so eloquent in response - I can't believe that English is not your first language when I read what you have written.
It is wonderful to have your wishes for my health and I so glad that now you know more about me for when I share my pictures in instagram,
Love and thanks again
Kat xox

I don't know how I missed this post...I thought I had gone back and read most of your beautiful blog.

You are so beautiful Kat! Your strength and generosity to share your story inspires me every day. Truly.

Love, Kerri

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