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July 08, 2012


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Such pretty pictures of the sky and sunrise. it's wonderful when we can look to all the beauty of nature for comfort, all we need to do is pay attention and it's there for us.Thank you for sharing this post, it's a great reminder to stop and pay attention.

I too love the sky, and the clouds that drift across the great seemingly neverending blue. There is something so comforting about seeing the blue. When the sky is grey, it dulls me, and I feel a heaviness in my heart.

Wishing you a blue sky sky, with white fluffy clouds that drift lazily across the sky, and bursts of sunshine to warm your heart.
~Susannah xx

Sweet Kat, I hope your spirits are lifted soon, I love the sky even the dark heavy ones, but day after day of grey can definitely take it's toll, but you have captured some lovely skies here.

Wishing you an easier week this week and a sincere thank you to YOU for always making me smile xxx

Hi sweet Kat - Hope your gorgeous heart is "lifted" soon's hard when the days r so grey. I loved all your gorgeous sky pics....i love the clouds too (ruby looks for shapes in them, but our faves are definitely rainbows after the rain.)
Hope the sun shines for your soon. xxx

Dear Kat, I totally agree with you about feeling negative effects when heavy grey clouds block the sky and I tend to get prolonged headaches then too. There is nothing more heartening than a vast blue sky dotted with cottn wool clouds or those magical sun beams bursting through larger clouds on windy days. You keep your chin up honey, we will have better weather soon and you can sit in your lovely garden and raise your face to the sun... All good wishes,
love jen xxx

Love u gorgeous girl, I hope the sky is bright blue for you today xxx

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