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September 07, 2012


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hi sweets,
i have been meaning to comment on your post for a few days now. i love hearing about your experiences with essences and and how they have helped. i had never heard of crystal essences before until i read your post. looking at Indigo's essences was really nice and i liked reading about the different ones. i especially thought Confidence sounded lovely. sometimes my soul feels like it needs a little help too and using flower essences really lifts my spirits and helps me to relax. i have a few different essences on my dresser that i use once in awhile. one is called Divine Blessings, it is my favorite and C likes it too. it really does help me to feel relaxed when i am feeling stressed or scared. i also have one called Fairy Wings that helps honor sensitivity. it smells so sweet. those two flower essences are from Three Flowers Healing. want to look more in to the crystal essences, they sound so wonderful. thanks for posting about Indigo honey. can't wait to explore their site and essences more! Sending you lots of love and healing thoughts. xox love, Maddy

Those essences look beautiful hon....As u know I love my essential oils & in particular, the emotional benefits they provide. Anything that moves u in a positive way, with the added connection to nature, can only be good!!!
Thanks for sharing this hon. Sending u a huge, huge hug across the seas. Xxx

Thanku for posting this Kat, anything u say is got to be worth a try, you being my yoda and all ;)
In all seriousness tho, it is great to get experiences of things through others, it sometimes feels like your grasping at very tiny straws with this illness, but we gotta try haven't we :)
big hugs and much loveliness xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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