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March 16, 2013


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Happy Anniversary, dear Kat! Thank you and Kerri for the generous giveaway. And thank you for being such a light of beauty and magic here on the web. Lots of love, dear. xo

I'm sure I will not be the person who wins these marvelous earrings. Nevertheless, it's already a gift to follow you and be part as a reader in your story. And it's a gift these two nice nice pictures.

Happy happy to you and Secrets! And these earrings are a perfect birthdaygift :)
x Iris

Happy Anniversary Kat, you have written so many beautiful posts I feel as if I know you very well.
Hazel xx

Happy Birthday Secrets!! =) I agree with Edith, it IS already a gift to follow you. Congratulations on your blog's birthday, sweetie. May there be more birthdays than we can count to come! =) And here's wishing you springtime sunshine to go with the birthday celebration. xoxo

Six!!! I love the number 6. Congratulations sweet Kathryn, on such a beautiful blog.

Happy 6th year darling! And what i wonderful giveaway! The earrings are beautiful :)

Lulu xx

Happy anniversary darling, your blog has been a shining light in my life :) And thanks to Kerri, she is a special one to you! Love and light, here is to the next six years of the journey! xxx

Congratulations on six years! So happy that I discovered your pretty blog. Love it!
Thanks for the giveaway. Those earrings are beautiful.

Hi Kathryn, been following your blog for I guess a year now. Congratulations first and for most for inspiring a lot of young women like me. Early last year was a breakdown phase for me, I would say. I forced myself to get back to where I used to be and one of the things that kept me going was your writings. You're blog is therapeutical. Thank you! XO

Happy Happy Blogiversary!!! Hooooray!! And what a beautiful giveaway! They are gorgeous! Liked on Facebook and of course I follow your lovely blog! Xo jenny holiday

Happy birthday to your amazing blog Kat! 6 great years! Congratulations to a wonderful giveaway xxx

These are so lovely!! I hope I win them! Heh. Congrats on 6 years!!! I'm so glad I found your IG feed. So pretty and pink- my fave! <3

Happy 6th birthday!! What a gorgeous give away too xx

Happy 6th anniversary! The earrings are gorgeous!!

Oh. My. Goodness! I LOVE Ten Things. Have followed on Facebook and I'm currently stalking her online store... eeeek!
Congratulations on your birthday my dear, it has been truly lovely following your journey. xxx

Just discovered your blog. Congrats on your anniversary!! Those earrings are just gorgeous!!

Well done on 6 years! Love reading your blog. And the earrings are beautiful :-). Michaela x

I love your blogg(and IG)! very inspiring.
Congratulations on 6 years!!

Happy 6th wonderful anniversary to your beautiful inspiring blog. I am in awe of your gentle beauty :) xx

Congrats dear. I'm your follower on Instagram @Saraho_o and I would like to have a chance to win these earings <3

Aw happy happy birthday to your beautiful blog! Here's to six more years and lots more loveliness ! 💞And Those earrings from fabulous tenthings are wonderful !

Congratulations on 6 years of blogging! You have a truly lovely, inspiring blog here.

I already follow TenThings on Facebook, now I am also following Secrets of a Butterfly :-)

Off to find you on Instagram!

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