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April 10, 2013


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I love it...follow your heart, nuture your spirit...that's exactly the reason I visit your beautiful blog. Love. x

I'm so excited that you got to do your makeover here! =) It's fresh and peaceful. =) Of course, I'm honored to be one of your "love" links. xoxo And I wanted to tell you, I just reread your "my story" and I'm once again blown away by your strength and wisdom. You're such a beautiful person. I'm so glad we are friends. Hugs! =)

Wow! I love the changes, love that you made the changes, and worked so hard, and are sweet enough to share how you did it...I used to love Picnik and and so happy to know of Ribbet, can't wait to check it out.

Everything looks amazing and I am honored that I am amongst such beautiful friends! I know many of these friends from IG and now I have easy access to their blogs...will spend some time soon, getting to know them better!

Thank you Kat, I know I say this often, but I am always so touched by your spirit and how much it influences the type of person I want to be.

You, my friend, are so very, very special! xx

thank you for your words and your clarity, strength and spirit, it is what draws me to your site.
the freshen up is wonderful and i have now increased my bookmark page by about 10:)
hope you are in a good place;)
thank you again for your soft touch in a sometimes harsh world.
lucy.xx hugs

Inspired by your post on change, freshening up and moving forward with new energy, and after an almost two month long absence, I blogged today.

I so appreciate that you included me on your blog roll and all but thought I was done blogging until I saw the lovely group of friends you had included me with and I knew that, I too, might have something still to share.

Thanks for the inspiration xx

I love what you've done with your blog! SO pretty! And I use the category link a good bit whenever I visit and want to read old entries. ^_^

Hope you're doing well!


Wow Kat! I really love what you've done, it looks so pretty!
You've really inspired me to get going with mine, I'm not as clever as you though sadly, need help from the other half ;) xxxxx

Your blog looks absolutely gorgeous, Kat (like you!). You have done a fabulous job (the little niggly things drive me crazy too! Some things I just cannot figure out!). xox

It looks gorgeous :)
The words in the banner suit secrets perfectly xxx Love to you.

Hello there miss. Your blog is so lovely. I've been reading it for a couple of years now. And I still learn new things all the time (in healing and shopping pretty things :D). The ribbet app is so great because it doesn't take much memory space in the computer like using Photoshop.
I hope you have a lovely day today. The sun is shining in Yorkshire and I hope you're enjoying the lovely weather too.


Love the tweaks you have made, I love your feminine universe. x

Dear Tiaz, thank you for the sweet words it was lovely to hear from you and to know you find my blog interesting and helpful
I'm most glad :) love kat x

Dear Lucy
Thank you too for your soft touch and words in kindness they are most welcomed - I'm grateful to you for saying how much my space means to you
Love and light kat xx

Oh Kym, thanks for that message of confirmation about the blog heading
Most glad to hear its why you visit -
love kat x

I am SO glad too my lovely and thank you
knowing you read my words with compassion is
such a blessing - people like you help me feel strong in sharing
in writing and in keeping going - you help me so much
Love kat xx

You my friend are a delight and a Light
I'm honoured to include your link - I'm blessed
to have your friendship and support just like Shanon above
you help me so much more than I can explain in words here,
Bless you!
Kat xx

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