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May 04, 2013


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This is very inspiring. I have my dear friends who sends me lovely gift too, but sometimes I forgot to say thank you when I feel so down and tired too.
Hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend miss.


What a beautiful gift, dear Kat! And another beautiful, thoughtful and inspiring post. Your advice and insights are very wise. Sending strength and love, dear. xoxo

Beautifully put. I am more comfortable with the role of giver than, though, as you so thoughtfully wrote, can be in many forms...that of a friend giving a gift or a card just to brighten someone's day or the gift of a sweet smiling face {yours on IG} that brings joy to everyone who sees it. I now you love to wrap things beautifully and make things by hand, but know, too, that a post of what you are thinking, or what you find beautiful at any particular moment, is a gift to us...for to know that you are happy or even reaching out for us to lend an a gift to us, your friends. It validates our friendship when you let us know you are in need or that you are happy. Because sometimes the best gift of all is just to 'be' there for each other, to share our happy moments and our trying moments. xx

I love Helen's plates...She puts her heart into her work and I always love to see what she creates!

Much to ponder on in these wise words you share, thank you sweets.
I hadn't thought about it like that - in terms of the validation - but yes we all like to feel needed, and turned to, or that someone trusts us to tell us how they really feel, I shall remember that more so since your reflection on it here. And I also value what you're saying regarding the sharing of thoughts or things found.
Love kxx

I visited Helen's shop just now and it is filled with such sweetness!

Each one a gift, as she so lovingly puts her heart in to all her artwork.

What a lovely post Kat and so nice of Helen to send you one of her beautiful plates. I so love mine. You send the sweetest gifts and so it's only right that you receive the same...xxxxx

Gorgeous Kat,
firstly , I'm sorry it's taken me so long to get here . It's been a strange old time for us both lately .
I am so pleased to have given you a little smile , you know you have given me many with your cards and parcels!
It is tough being cared for after caring for so long, I can totally relate to this, but you bring so much to other people's lives that I don't think you see.
I am inspired and gladdened by your being on this earth almost daily !
Please don't ever forget that.
Much love H xxxx

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