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July 01, 2013


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xxx love and light Kathryn

Your words ring very true, my situation is so much like yours, I am 35 with no partner or children and have had chronic fatigue all my life which has made it hard to do the things I've wanted.
With blogs and instagram its hard to see people doing the things we wish we were doing, but you are so right it is best to just take delight in what we see and you are one of those that are so inspiring and we have to remember that we may not always be seeing the whole picture of someones life and we can only do the best in our own lives.

Beautiful post about Faith.

You are such a beautiful soul Kathryn...I want you to always know how much you inspire me, daily. Often, just posting a pretty photo, or seeing a friend's photo, is what helps me get through a tough day or moment. Your posts are always so heartfelt, and from that I learn so much.

Your words also always seem to be perfect timing for where my heart is...I have been neglecting my dreams lately. Today, I am inspired to chose happiness.

Thank you sweet and beautiful girl!

Dear Kathryn,

I too have had ME for ten years, I've been bedridden since 2006. I'm 34 now. What I wish to say is how very important your blog has been for me. It's such a kind and peaceful place. It makes me happy and your beautiful gentle words give me courage. Thank you so, so much.
May your energy return bit by bit by another tiny bit.

hello sweetie, thanks for sharing and for your kind wishes.
May I take the opportunity to say how sorry i was to hear of your having ME too, and wish for you the same recovery as you wish for me.
and thank you for your company here at Secrets, it's good to get such wonderful comments such as yours
Love n wishes
Kat xox

That is most true we don't always see the full picture do we.
And many people have things to deal with that arent obvious at first glance. I am sure that people don't often realise my own situation when I share at instagram.
I wish you well in your healing pathway sweetie and of course in holding onto your dreams
Love kat x


Thank you darling your words always support me so much and give me an awareness of how my writing can reach people who though in different circumstances can still take something from my words that impacts their day. That you always take the time to comment and give me praise and encouragement makes a huge difference to my day,
Love you dear friend

Kathryn xx

Lovely K, just lovely.

Jules xx

💖Dear Kat,
Now that we are home from our travels and I've had the chance to come back here and really appreciate what you wrote, I want to let you know how much your words here resonate with me. It is so easy online to look at images of someone's life and imagine that it is perfect, I think that's something that we all struggle with when looking at blogs and Instagram. Thank you not only for the beautiful things that you said but also for bringing attention to the fact that it is possible to hold onto inspiration and dreams even within difficult circumstances as I know you've faced. Your positive outlook and lovely images inspire me deeply, I hope that you will never loose the positive attitude with which you have clearly touched so many. Wishing you every good thing. Xoxo Faith

I only just found this post Kat. I wanted to comment though as I know how incredibly painful it can be to see others living the lives we can only dream of at this point. It is beyond hard and incredibly difficult to hold the dream and not feel those pangs of jealousy creep in when we want so much to be experiences those things in our lives that we see others experiencing. I think its very natural to feel that way and having good support around us can make all the difference to how one copes also.. There is no right or wrong in how we deal with difficulties in our lives, I think everyone must find their own path to peace. But I know that your words here inspire many in their own journey with whatever life has dealt them. And I hope your own journey gets a little easier soon and those dreams begin to unfold for you.

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