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September 05, 2013


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Yes it is difficult to know how much to share on a blog I go through the same thing. Thanks for sharing when you do feel like it. I love that rosebud, it's beautiful.

Hi honey,

So good to hear your thoughts today. Sometimes we just need a rest from blogging. I took a rest from posting for about a whole year once, just nothing i wanted to share. It was good though, i think i found more of myself during that time. So i send you love and hope that you will feel peaceful in the fact that you are having a more inward time right now.

Love love and happiness,
Maddy xxxx

P.s. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me and the butterflies i'm sure wouldn't mind ;)

I am right there with you on the blogging...I tend to write too much of what's in my heart and then regret 'spilling the beans' {sharing too much} later.

Your journey is your own, but those of us who truly care about you, only want what feels right to you. If sharing does; we are hear to listen, if taking time for your self feels best; know that we are always here when you return.

much love, Kerri

I know that feeling so well- the space between sharing and holding, between stories and silence. I have been leaning towards silence lately, but I wonder... Our shared stories feel strong, feel like building a new path. Then I get too tired to decide :)

The only correct path is the one that feels right for you. Sending good thoughts!

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