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March 11, 2016


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Kathryn I love how you express yourself here and how you share. Thank you for blogging with such grace and magic! How lovely you could come by and write, we are all thinking of you of course. Sometimes it's the small things like being able to put thoughts into words that make us lighter, more in tune with who we are. I know I feel so when I can blog. I think you might relate. I hope this post has done that for you!! It's just the best to see it. I do so love the collage of pics, it's perfectly, beautifully you. Much love and light always, Maddy xo

Always a delight to visit your peaceful and oh so pretty space, Kathryn. Sending hugs and healing thoughts and strength to you. I admire your grace. Xxxx

Hi Kathryn, I've followed your blog for a few years (its lovely) and its good to see you post again. So sorry to hear how poorly you are. I'm ill too and have been housebound for the last few years so I understand some of how you must be feeling - its a tough thing to deal with. I also follow you on Pinterest and love the images you pin. Best wishes to you and hope you will able to continue to update your blog. Lynn x

Thank you kindly Madlyn Louise and Lynn

((Grateful for your caring thoughtful messages here))


Hello dearest K, it's Grace. I wanted to let you know that I visit your blog often and was really happy to see a little post from you. I am always thinking of you and feel connected. Sending lots of love and well wishes to you. xo

Hi Kathryn! I have been following your blog for several years now. It has helped me to open up my heart to who I am. I know that when you are away, you are not feeling strong enough, and I always send healing thoughts your way. It is so nice when I check in and see one of your little notes to let us know that you are still thinking of us. I always think of you when I see something sweet and pretty. I send the joy of that image back to you because reading your blog has helped me to remember the joy of the little things. Sending you light and the cool dew of spring flowers from the garden.


Your comment has meant so much!
Your words really made a difference & help me to
feel people out there still care about how I am or
whether I can return to blogging more.
Thank you for posting this, I love dew on flowers
how did you know ;)

So glad I stopped by and saw this post dear Kathryn. It would be oh so lovely to hear your voice again when you are ready. Such a magic space that has always lifted my spirits when I have needed. Love and light dear one, all in time.

Hello Kathryn, I often check your blog for new posts and was so pleased to see one and know that even if you're not well, you're still seeing beauty and sharing that - your blog and posts feel like a refuge to me and I do hope you continue to post,as and when you are able to.
Take good care of yourself and continue to be who you are xx

Dear Kathryn,

I too have severe ME and had been bedbound for 9 years. Now I'm "only" housebound, but here and there can make little trips in my wheelchair down the lanes winding across the meadows here. I know how tough this illness is-- physically and emotionally and just wanted to tell you that I understand your suffering and admire your grace and strength. There's a community of ME sufferers on Twitter, where we offer support to oner another. Twitter with its 140 character limit to a tweet is perfect for those who are extremely exhausted due to severe ME. It's a great place, too, if you want to be creative as you can write tiny poems there. Twitter micropoetry community is the sweetest community ever!! Just wanted to mention to you these possibilites if you wish to create tiny bits of beauty and connect with others. Lots of love and light.

Thank you for reaching out Tanjuša, I only just spotted your comment, and though I have never gotten away with Twitter I will bear it in mind.
Love and light too

Mossy, thank you the word refuge feels good, like a haven of sorts.
Continue to be you.
Petals of peace k

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